Why Do Cats Lick Each Other's Skin

You might wonder why cats lick each other’s skin. To put it simply, cats often lick each other for social bonding and hygiene. But cat owners should be aware that this behavior can have its negative side. Too much licking can be very irritating and even dangerous for cats.

What does it mean if my cats lick each other?

It’s natural for cats to want to be clean and as such they groom each other. This is a natural behavior that doesn’t need correcting because it helps maintain a healthy coat.

However, humans can get carried away in grooming their cats and cause them to do excessive licking. As cats are already fairly high-strung creatures, any sudden pull on their hair can cause them to lash out.

It’s important for cat owners to remember that this grooming behavior isn’t usually an attempt to keep themselves clean, but rather is a means of relieving themselves of excess fur.

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other's Skin

Not surprisingly, another reason why cats scratch each other is because they display dominance.

When they are younger, they are frequently seen grooming each other. But as they grow older, they may choose not to.

However, when they are very young kittens, they very often do groom each other. This is because they are not fully developed.

As an example, most kittens do not have fully developed teeth until they are 12 weeks old, while an older cat may display dominant behavior.


Licking is also sometimes used as a way to mark their territories or to play. When a cat bites another cat, they put down some of their territories so that other cats know where they can scratch next.

As cats love to scratch, allogrooming is a common result of this natural behavior.

Allogrooming can be quite harmful to cats in the wrong hands. Cat owners should make sure that there isn’t too much hair left after the entire nest has been cleaned.

Owners can also cause their cats to be licking the ground all the time as a result of a lack of stimulation. Allogrooming also sometimes happens after cats are exposed to indoor allergens such as dust or pollen.


The best natural ways to stop excessive licking are to keep the house well-kept, keep the cats’ areas clean and use a scratching post.

Cats naturally want to scratch, but they need a safe place to do it. Using a scratch post will help them stay off your furniture and floor, so you won’t have to worry about them scratching your expensive drapes or carpets.

Also, using a scratch post will prevent the hair from growing back on your furniture if your cat decides to scratch somewhere else.

There are also several products on the market that are designed to remove dirt from a cat’s fur.

Cat Litter Train is a product that uses a patented method that removes dirt without requiring scrubbing or chemicals. This means you can spend less money, and you’ll still see the results of your effort.

Cat Litter Train is available in two different sizes: small and large. It has a patented rotating action that lifts and moves the litter from the container to the tray, removing the old scent quickly.

The large-sized unit weighs more than the small, so you know you’ll be able to clean up any spills when the time comes.


All of these reasons for why do cats lick each other, cat lick wet food and sometimes cat licks their owners have pros and cons. You should consider whether your cat needs professional grooming, a scratching post, or a new scent allogrooming tool.

Many people believe that allogrooming is cruel, but research shows that it actually benefits cats, because they are more tactile during this grooming process.

This helps them feel closer to their owners and reduces their fear of unknown predators.

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