What Do Birman Cats Eat? (9+ Best Birman Cat Food)

According to the veterinarian, feeding at least 2-3 meals a day to any Birman cat is recommended. It would help if you considered feeding them foods like dental-grade cat biscuits, cooked fish or chicken, and supplements. In this article, I will help you learn what Birman cats eat in the wild and indoors. 

You will also further look at more than nine human foods that are entirely safe for your Birman cat. Stick to the end of the article and learn all the safe and bad foods for your Cat to eat.

What Do Birman Cats Eat?

Being obligate carnivorous, Birman cats are meat eaters who also like a variety of foods. Your Cat is less likely to be satisfied by eating the same dry cable daily. 

As they are meat eaters, you will have to provide them plenty of protein to support their strong hearts, bones, digestive system, and healthy reproductive system. For many Birman cats living in the wild or Street, people’s garbage is the primary food source.

For the last 10000 years, cats have been attracted to the accessible, consistent food source we first provided. If you take a quick look at the natural history of cats, you will find that the first human settlements provided cat food. Nowadays, street cats and feral cats scavenge on the garbage & scraps that all of us innovatively produce. 

However, the Birman cats that live in households as pets should be given proper, well-balanced food to support their nutritional needs and promote healthy growth. Foods like chicken, Turkey, cooked beef, or a small number of lean Deli meats are good protein sources for Birman cats. Avoid feeding spoiled or wrong beef, as it can sicken your cats. 

I recommend you feed your Birman cats at least 2-3 times a day, consisting of cooked food. Apart from this, tinned foods and high-quality canned food can also be given to a Birman on a rotational basis alongside healthy protein and cooked foods. Let’s talk about how to feed Birman cats human food.

How To Feed Birman Cats Human Foods?

It would help if you always tried to limit the number of treats you offer to your Birman each day, even though they are entirely healthy. It is advised to keep the quit limit to 20 calories daily for Birman cats. Human foods are safe for cats as a treat only. 

You can offer two teaspoons of Salmon or chicken to treat your Birman cats. Alternatively, 20-25 blueberries are also safe for your care. However, in most cases, you would only want to offer some berries/treats at a time. Therefore you can always mix human food treats with cat treats. If you notice your Birman cat gaining weight due to human nutrition, you will have to scale back on the amount you feed her. 

Introducing a new human food to a Birman cat may result in minor gastrointestinal upset. If you offer any food your Birman cat has never had before, her body may not be able to digest it properly and can be a little finicky about what they eat. 

Whatever type of food you feed your Birman, make sure everything is in moderation without any seasoning. To ensure your Birman cats get all the nutritional benefits, you should stick with the cat food that your VET recommended in addition to any human food snacks or treat human foods. After knowing, what birman cats eat, let’s take a look at some safe options!

9 Safe Human Foods For Birman


Salmon is undoubtedly a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Salmon are delicious treats for your Birman cats and are nutritionally rich. You might have seen Salmon being found in commercial cat food as an ingredient. Even though feral cats eat raw meat, it is advised to feed your Birman cats only cooked Salmon.


Alternatively, another good source of protein is an egg. It is not only rich in protein but also in vitamins which will reduce the risk of foodborne disease in cats. However, Ensure you are also cooking eggs before feeding them to your dad.


Like Salmon, you can also feel Turkey as a lean protein source. Sliced deli meat or Cooked Turkey breast is safe as a snack for Birman cats.

Fish Oils

Fish oil acts as an essential supplement that should be given to all cat breeds. Fish oil can benefit animals, cats, and dogs. 

There are various options, but the Salmon and cod liver oil is the best for Birman cats. As fish oil tends to be rich in Omega 3S, it will prevent dry skin, excessive shedding, and dull coat in your Birman cats throughout the year.


Another good source of lean protein is chicken. Because cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet mainly containing meat, it is better to offer them some chicken. As cats are not able to digest fibrous food, it is best to give them protein-rich food. 

Even though meat, like chicken, is suitable for cats, it is essential to cook them properly. You need to remove the skin of the chicken that contains fat. As long as it is cooked thoroughly, chicken can always be another ingredient to be mixed with cat breeds for your Birman cat.


After looking at so many meaty options, here is the veggie one. Spinach is another great treat for a Birman cat. Spinach is not only healthy but also provides lots of health benefits. It is rich in vitamins A, C, And K. It also has iron and calcium, which are much needed for Birman. 

If your Birman cat suffers from calcium oxalate bladder stones, avoid giving them spinach. Due to its past health benefits, many cat foods include spinach but only in small amounts. As long as you offer spinach in moderation, it is entirely safe for the Cat to eat.


Oatmeal is one of our favorite breakfasts but is it safe for cats? Oatmeal is a good source of energy and vitamin B for your pet and an excellent alternative for fat cats. As it’s a low-calorie diet, you can offer it as a treat to any overweight Birman cat. 

Even though it is safe for Cats consumption, not every Cat will like the taste of it. Make sure you introduce the oatmeal gradually to your Birman cat. Avoid incorporating spinach into a regular part of your Cat’s diet straightaway to prevent tummy upset.


Did you know that pumpkin is very low in calories and high in fiber? If your Birman cat suffers from abnormal stool, pumpkin could be a great treat for them. It’s completely safe and healthy. Many commercial foods contain pumpkin puree to support stool quality and healthy gut mobility in Birman cats. 

Since it is already available in most commercially available cat supplements, a few slices of pumpkin won’t harm your Cat if given in moderation.


Apples are one of the favorite breeds of many animals. It is rich in fiber, vitamin c, and other beneficial nutrients. As long as you are removing the skin and seeds of the Apple, it is entirely safe for Birman cats to have.


As I mentioned previously, blueberries are entirely safe as a treat or can be mixed in a cat treat alongside. It is a good source of vitamins A, and C. Foods like American journey Salmon grain-free dry cat food contain blueberry as an ingredient. You can constantly offer frozen blueberries to your Birman cat as a snack.

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The Best Birman Cat Food: “Royal Canin Birman Cat Food”

Royal Canin is the global leader in veterinary nutrition, providing a premium portfolio and high-quality food for cats and dogs. Royal Canin is a reputable company that provides all the nutrients for dogs and cats. 

They prepare food according to the specific health needs of each cat breed. The royal canin Birman cat food comes in many accessible forms to open, feed, and handle. Get the one ideal for your Birman cat’s lifestyle, age, and overall health. It is essential only to offer a recommended amount mentioned on the back of each royal Canin cat food. 

In most cases, you are likely to find two varieties of royal canine Birman cat food, which are rich in all nutrients that your Birman cats need to stay healthy, active, and happy. Free from any artificial color, seasoning, or preservatives, it is entirely organic and without any obligation. Many people have been feeding royal canin foods to their pets as they have got excellent results.

I am not backing up any food brand or recommending any particular foods of a company; this is my personal experience and review. Whatever food you choose, check the nutritional facts mentioned on the label to learn if it fulfills your cats’ dietary needs.

5 Reasons Why This Is Healthy?

  1. These foods are high in fiber, reducing the risk of hairballs in your Cat’s coat. It will also help you clean your Birman cat’s digestive system. Fibers are also effective with weight management if fed accordingly.
  2. Most foods contain probiotics that help improve your Cat’s digestive system. The probiotics will make your Cat feel better and prevent any digestive issues. It also promotes and enhances the development of healthy gut bacteria in your Birman cats.
  3. As some foods contain Omega 3 fatty acids, it is very effective in keeping shedding at a minimum while promoting a healthy coat, skin, and heart.
  4. Adding human foods to your Cat’s diet will save much money. Feeding human food as a treat or mixing it with other cat treats will save a few bucks.
  5. Some human foods have a low-fat content and fewer calories than other foods. Those are perfect for any overweight Birman cat. You can always feed food like pumpkin or oatmeal to provide essential nutrients to a fatty cat while being free of harmful fats, sugar, and cholesterol.

Avoid these 11 Food

  1. Alcohol
  2. Yeast Dough
  3. Chocolate
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Any Sugary Products
  6. Raisins
  7. Onions
  8. Human Medicines
  9. Mushrooms
  10. Garlic
  11. Caffeinated Drinks


After reading the article, if you are still struggling to find a healthy diet for your Birman cat, you will need to visit a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be the best person to help you learn how much Birman cats eat and how to feed them. Birman cats need 24-35 calories per pound of their body weight every day. 

Visiting your nearest vet or the expert in cat care will help you prepare the proper feeding schedule and diet for your feline. I have tried to give you all the information about what Birman cats eat. You should consult your veterinarian and discuss potential options if you have struggled to find a good food schedule for your kitty. 

Do check our other article on Birman cat care and its guide. Make sure you share this article, as your one share will help many people learn the options to feed their Cats. See you in the following article, till then take care and goodbye.

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