Understanding Why Do Cats Chatter?

Have you ever wondered why do cats chatter? Well, here you can get the answer to this question and then you can decide for yourself. Here are the reasons why cats make all sorts of noise. Each sound holds its own meaning unless they are trying to get their point across.

In order to understand why cats chatter, you must understand their relationship with the owner and the surrounding environment. It is particularly prevalent in indoor environments where cats congregate to eat, drink, play and socialize with each other.

A bored cat will fill its time vocalizing, chasing, and playing with any passing objects that it thinks to hold entertainment for it.

A frustrated cat can resort to physical punishment or stress itself by repeatedly releasing the tension, and the owner’s frustration is likely intensify the process.

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Why Do Cats Chatter


The first reason why do cats chatter is because they are mimicking prey. When small birds chirp or chickens call out, it is to attract the attention of other birds.

In many cases, if the bird chirps and the other birds hear the sound and pay attention, they will find food soon. Even small creatures such as squirrels use this kind of strategy to attract others to eat.

The second reason why do cats chatter is to show affection for another animal. A cat might start to vocalize while it is playing with another one of its own species. This is not done with any intent to catch attention or to play with the other animal.

It is usually an expression of happiness and comfort. It is similar to a bird that will make a “chirp” to express its happiness with its minor body movement whenever it takes a bath or gets a scratch on its back. It could also express discomfort or irritation with something.

Another reason why do cats chatter is a form of territorial behavior. If the cat has been abandoned by its owner and finds itself in a strange situation where it feels unsafe, then it can adopt a “spitter” behavior.

Why Cat Chatters at the Window?

It will open the door or window of its cage and urinate or defecate on the furniture in the hope that someone will come and pick it up to return it to its owner. If this behavior is strong enough, then the displaced feline will mark its territory by urinating or defecating in the vicinity of its territory.

One of the most popular explanations as to why cats chatter lies in the use of electronic devices such as laser pointers, toys, and audio stimulation. Many owners of domestic cats use these items to help their pets calm themselves when they become distracted or excited.

However, it has also been found that, over a period of time, these types of devices can result in undesirable health and behavioral issues for your pet. Some of these health risks include hearing loss, damage to the internal organs, and nerve damage.


The sound of chattering can have many different meanings depending on the context in which it is given. For example, if a cat chases prey which it believes is dangerous, it might be intending to draw the potential predator’s attention to itself.

On the other hand, if it is an excited feline that is searching for food, then the sound of chattering can represent happiness and contentment.

The last explanation of why do cats chatter has to do with the fact that the sound is often associated with food. When a cat is chasing prey, then its intelligence is probably enhanced and it would be very interested in finding the prey and eating it.

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