Seal Point Birman Cat: A Complete Guide

We already know that the Birman cat is one of the most famous cat breeds all over the world. But do you know that these cat breeds also come in many variations? In this guide, I will help you explore one of the members of the Birman cat family, the seal point Birman cat. 

In general, seal point Birman cats are nothing else than gorgeous cute little kitties with dark brown markings and piercing-glittering Blue eyes. Apart from their adorable appearance, they also have a balanced temperament and personality. 

If you want a Birman cat that comes in a unique pattern or variation, along with being loyal, gentle, intelligent, and eye-catching, the seal point Birman cat is the one to consider. Stick until the end of this article to learn everything about these seal point Birman kittens. 

What Is a Seal Point Birman Cat? 

The seal point Birman cat is another variation or member of the Birman family that comes with dark brown tips on its coat. The seal comes from their point pattern, which resembles the seal’s body color. Apart from their coat pattern, they also come with glittering Blue eyes. 

According to experts, the seal point coloration started with the Siamese cats and then, later on, carried to other breeds, including Birman cats. Hence, seal point coloration is believed to be around for thousands of years. 

Breeders began breeding Siamese cats in the late 1940s and 50s with American shorthair and Birman cats. Many experiments were carried out with the seal point to create new cat hybrids. Now let’s talk about what causes seal coloration in Birman cats. 

What Causes the Seal Point Coloration in Birman Cats?

The cause behind the seal point coloration is easy to grasp. Therefore, if you are curious about the genetics of seal point Birman cats, then you should know a few things. Firstly, Birman cats are known to carry the Himalayan cat genes. This caused a partial albinism on the warm-up part of a cat’s body, making the fur lighter near the body than the lips. 

This phenomenon is not unique but also one that happens to all color points. Talking about the seal tips of cats, the seal point coloration in Birman cats comes from the D gene or B gene. Your seal Birman cat can have D-D or D-d paired with either B-B or B-b. If you put a Birman Cat with one dominant D gene paired with one dominant B gene, the result will be a seal coloration.

Are Seal Point Birman Cats Rare?

Do you know Siamese cats were the first to have seal coloration on their body? Before other cats had this coloration, Siamese cats were already blessed with seal point coloration. According to many experts, the seal point coloration is believed to have come from the Siamese. 

Talking about rarity, seal point Birman cats are ordinary. Seal point coloration in Birman cats is quite a common phenomenon and has been around for quite a while. Since then, it has grown in number. Nowadays, it is easy to find a seal point Birman cat in a local Pet store. 

Many cat keepers and enthusiasts love the look of these cute kitties. In addition, breeders are continuously breeding, raising, and selling seal points. If you are looking for a rare Birman cat pattern, shade, or color, you should look at the blue and ivory points. 

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Are Seal Point Birman Cats Good Pets?

Yes, seal point Birman cats are good pets and are known to be people magnets. Unlike other cat breeds with a self-serving purpose and independent personality, Birman cats love seeking attention and spending time with their owners. 

Seal point cats are known to be affectionate, loving, friendly, and intelligent breeds. They are also very playful and curious and love getting along with kids. If you are looking for company, playtime, or cuddles, seal point Birman cat is the one to go for. Cuddles and playtimes are favorites of Birmans. 

However, it would help if you were cautious when offering any treat. These cats are known to be stomach drove, which means they will obey you every time and your every whim just because you hold a yummy snack in your hand. 

With that said, seal point Birman cats are brilliant and can be trained. The best way to prepare your permit is by using the positive reinforcement technique. Since Birman cats can perform tricks, you can make your seal point Birman roll over, fetch, and even play dead. 

Birman cats can be considered good house pets because of their loving and wonderful personality. To make them get along with other pets and kids, make sure to socialize your Birman kitten early when she is young. As long As you mix and train them early on, you are all set.

Do Seal Point Birman Cats Have Health Problems?

In general, seal point Birman cats are very healthy. They can live up to 20 years, which is well above the lifespan of most cat breeds. We have seen many seal point Birman cats even living up to 25 years old. Thanks to the responsible breeder and nature for the long life expectancy of these Birman cats. 

Most Birman cats from a reputable breeder are free from Life altering genetic conditions. However, it doesn’t mean your Birman cat is not susceptible to any health issues. If they’re kept on a poor diet, improper grooming, or an unhygienic environment/manner, they may quickly develop health problems. 

Common Birman cat health issues include vomiting, hyperthyroidism, inappetence, constipation, allergies, and urinary conditions. Make sure to adopt a seal point from a reputable breeder and check all the health clearance papers. If you want to get on top, you should be aware of this condition. 

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Do Seal Point Birman Cats Shed?

Depending upon how much fuel d1 protein a Birman cat has, the more it sheds. Luckily, seal point Birman cats only cleared a small amount of protein which means they shed little to nothing. You can consider a seal point Birman cat little to moderate shedder. Since they have silky fur and a coat that can be easily managed, the shedding will not be a problem with these felines.

How to Groom a Seal Point Birman?

Grooming a seal point Birman cat is relatively easy using a few basic steps. Although your cat has a long and beautiful coat, it will not require much grooming, depending on the season. As cats are known to keep themselves clean, you can still help your seal point Birman cat to groom from time to time. 

For beginners, it is best to establish a good grooming routine early on for your Birman cat’s health and well-being. The goal should always be to make your Birman cat comfortable with grooming at a very early stage. Therefore you will need to brush your cat’s hair once every two or three days. Once your cat gets used to grooming and you have established this routine, all this will become much easier. 

Always brush your cat’s coat in the direction their hair grows. Dusting them in the opposite direction can be painful. When touching them gently, avoid the areas around your pet’s genitals. It would help if you also were careful of The fur around its face. If you notice your Birman cat having any cuts or abrasions, you should avoid those areas altogether. 

When bathing them, there is no size fix-all scheduled for Birmans. In most cases, Birman will not even need a bath at all. It would help if you only considered bathing your cat when she gets dirty from the outdoors. However, if you still want to clean your Birman cat, make sure to keep it once a month or less than that. Always keep their bath time quick yet gentle, as it can be stressful for your seal point Birman cats.

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Where To Find Seal Point Birman For Sale?

It is easy to find a seal point Birman cat for sale. You need to do a quick internet search, and you will end up with thousands of possible sources. However, finding the most reputable breed and Shelters for Birman cats can take time and effort. Therefore, for that very reason, I have given you the three best places to find your felines. If you are looking to buy one, you can check any of the three places to find sale point Birman kittens for sale.

3 Places To Find Seal Point Birman Kittens For Sale.

Penelane Cattery: Always check their listing from time to time for a seal point Birman kitten. Penelane Cattery is based in Tampa Bay, a cat fancier association-recognized breeder specializing in colorpoint Birman, Siamese, and shorthair variations. 

Azureus Cats: They are known to put their kittens’ videos on YouTube. You can also check some of their seal points Birman cats on their YouTube channel if you want. They also offer a two-year health guarantee and essential items if you adopt a pet.

Pets4You: Any reputable breeder can post pets for sale on this website. Since 2006 the website has helped many people get their favorite pets. It has one of the broadest cat breeds and allows you to look for seal point Birman cats from time to time. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried to give you all the information about seal point Birman cat. The seal point Birman cat is one of the most beautiful breeds with a friendly disposition. Seal-colored points with bright glittering blue eyes are some of the most desirable features among cat enthusiasts. 

On average, this cat breed is quite trainable, healthy, and playful. So, you will surely enjoy and fall in love with them. You should look for a seal point Birmans if you have a low budget or are looking for a low-maintenance pet cat. They are brilliant and capable of performing tricks as well. 

This cat is one of the best pets in your home if you already have kids or any other household pet. Do check our other articles on Birman cat care. Make sure to share this article to make other cat enthusiasts aware of these breeds’ most desirable and prominent features. See you in the following article, till then take care and goodbye.

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