Popular Birman Cat Colors

Birman cats are known to be one of the world’s most gorgeous and unique felines. They are known for their beauty and are popular as pets, especially in the United States. These beautiful cats have slim bodies, mesmerizing blue eyes, and different pointed colors. Also, there are many popular Birman cat colors

You will likely find pointed dark coloration along your Birman cat’s tail, fish, and paws. This coloration in cats is usually called ‘points’ since the rest of your Birman cat’s body remains cream or white in most cases. According to a recent survey, Birman cats have more than 20 different types of color.

You will find a mystifying range of Birman cat colors and shades from almost lavender lilac and Frost point to the darkly sealed blue. Therefore, look at the most popular and beloved Birman cat color points. I have mentioned the seven most popular colorations of Birman cats that you can have. 

What Colours Do Birman Cats Come In? 

  1.  Blue Point
  2.  Blue-cream Point
  3.  Chocolate Point
  4.  Chocolate-tortie Point
  5.  Cream Point
  6.  Lilac Point
  7.  Lilac-cream Point
  8.  Red Point
  9.  Seal Point
  10.  Seal-tortie Point
  11.  Blue Tabby Point
  12.  Blue-cream Tabby Point
  13.  Chocolate Tabby Point
  14.  Chocolate-tortie Tabby Point
  15.  Cream Tabby Point
  16.  Lilac Tabby Point
  17.  Lilac-cream Tabby Point
  18.  Red Tabby Point
  19.  Seal Tabby Point
  20.  Seal-tortie Tabby Point

Do Birmans Change Colors?

Yes, Birman cats change color as they grow older. When they are young, they will feature white or color. But, as they grow older and mature, you may see their coloring start to darken. Hence, there will be no significant change in coloration but slightly.

Your young Birman cat will likely become a pink-grey as she matures. Just like any other point-color cat, bird kittens are also born all white. They develop their actual color as they grow older and mature.

The most common color they feature includes a rainbow of colors like blue, lilac, red, cream chocolate, and tortie. You might also find some Birman cats in a dramatic lynx pattern. Some may also have a traditional solid design in their body coloration.

Although Birman cats come in many different colors, their most notable special and unique feature is their beautiful white paws that look extremely attractive.

7 Popular Birman Cat Colors 

After knowing her exact coloration is known as ‘points,’ you should know the popular colors of Birman cats that come with striking blue eyes and pale creamy coats. In general, l points is referred to the parts of the body that are darker colored or meaning their extremities.

You will likely find the same pattern in most cases but with different coloration in each Birman cat. Let’s take a quick look at the seven most popular Birman cat’s point colors.

Seal Point: The Black Birman Cat 

This is one of the most classic colors in almost all felines, with pointed colors. This traditional seal point-colored Birman cat is one of the most familiar shades and the one you will encounter in most cases.

The seal point is the first color point that springs to many minds when thinking of Birman cat’s color. In addition, the seal-pointed color is also said to be the darkest body color of all Birman cat’s color points.

They will feature rich but dark chocolate color points on their paws, nose, ears, paw pads, and tails. The rest of their body is going to be creamy-colored.

Red Point: The Orange Birman Cat

In general, the red point is also known as the Orange point. Therefore, if you are looking for an orange Birman cat, this is the one. These red-point Birman cats come with a unique reddish-tangy-orange color on their paws, legs, tails, paw pads, faces, and ears.

Sometimes, their nose leather can turn out to be a pinkish color. To achieve this coloration, breeders have bred the Birman cats with a hybrid of red tabby cats. They’re sometimes also coupled with tortoiseshell tabbies.

Cream Point: The White Birman Cat

If you want a Birman cat with a soft white color on its body, along with pink shades on its nose leather and paw pads, then this is the one. This cream-pointed Birman cat is generally a cross between red-point Birman cats, Abyssinian cats, and domestic shorthair cats.

This type of coloration is created through crossbreeding different kinds of hybrids. Their excellent cream color point will have higher stark contrast compared to the other shades of these felines. Therefore if you are looking for an all-white Birman cat, go with this one.

Lilac Point: The Pink Birman Cat

Surprisingly, the lilac point is one of the most popular colors of all Birman cats. The lilac point Birman cat comes with a frosty pinkish-grey color tone. In most cases, the lilac point color is also known as frost point. Your Birman cat will feature pink undertones on its glacial white coat.

This is the lightest of Birman cat colors you can have. They look cute with their soft pink colored nose and paw pads. Therefore, if you are looking for a watered-down version of blue or chocolate points, Lilac point Birman cat is the one to consider. 

Blue Point: The Blue Birman Cat

The Blue point Birman cat comes with beautiful Bluish-white fur on their coat covering its body. This coloration is a lovely contrast to their dark grey colored paw pads and noses.

Blue Birman cats come with grey-blue shading on their tail, ear, face, and all extremities. They usually have exquisite silvery slate. You’ll likely find blue shades on the Birman cat’s backside and under their bellies.

Chocolate Point: The Brown Birman Cat

If you are looking for a brown cat, this chocolate point Birman cat is the one for you. They come with an ivory cream-colored body painted with chocolate markings. You will notice a beautiful contrast between their ends, body, and deep blue piercing eyes due to the lack of shading on their body.

Their paw pads and nose are likely to be sweet pinkish cinnamon. If you are looking for a lighter dilution of the darker seal point Birman cat, this feline’s coat color is the one to consider.

Tortoiseshell Points: The Tortie Birman Cat

The tortie Birman cat is also known as the tortoiseshell points Birman cat. One of the most prominent features of tortoiseshell point cats is that they come in various color shades.

According to sources, the tortie point Birman cat can be speckled with red, apricot, or cream color on their black or red-based bodies.

Breeders have crossbreed Birman cats with tortoiseshell cats of different cat breeds. You will likely notice their body dotted in lighter shades with a break of darker color points to showcase.

What Colour Cat Should You Get?

When deciding what color cat you should get for yourself, you should also consider the temperament first. As you are going to spend much time with your pet, you need to get a Kitty that is well-behaved and comes from a reputable breeder. Check their parents’ history before adopting any Kitty to rule out possible genetic defects or health issues. 

Some people choose what color cat to get by considering their home color. You can take a quick look at your home to learn if it is a primarily light color or dark color. If you have a light-colored home, it would be best to get a golden cat. 

Apart from this, if you like to wear light-colored clothes, a light-colored cat will be a perfect match for you, especially outdoors. Depending on your preferences, you should choose the color very wisely. 

Some people like to travel a lot with their cats while driving. If this is the case, then you can take a look at the interior of your car. If you have a black interior, you can get a black cat. 

Similarly, if you have an existing pet, what color is that pet? If your current pet color is in lighter shades, getting another one of the same colors will give you an easier time keeping things clean. 

The final thing you need to consider is how photogenic your cat is. If you get a cat that is black colored, you will have difficulty getting a perfect feature because you will be unable to see your cat’s body features and markings very well.


Birman cats are going to be unique cat breeds that come with unusual coat colors and marking. Their striking mesmerizing, glittering Blue eyes come with lucid almond shapes. If you are keen on a surprise, get a Birman cat while they’re still young when their points are hidden.

Watching your kitten’s color gradually appear would be a great excitement and thrill. I have tried my best to cover all the stunning color points on Birman cats. Do let me know which is your favorite one. Make sure to check our other articles on Birman cats care and guide.

Your one share will help many people choose the right one for themselves. I hope you like this article and will continue to share this. See you in the following article, till then take care and goodbye.

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