how cats wake up their owners

How does your cat wake up? If you’re like most pet owners, this isn’t a question you ever entertain. You figure it’s instinctive for a wild animal to get up and take notice of its surroundings at first, just as it does when it wakes up humans.

But in fact, there are several reasons behind how cats wake up their owners and how you can assist them in getting up without you depending on them.

When you think about how cats wake up their owners, the first thought that probably pops into your head is the method of stretching the back. You may not agree with it because when cats stretch, they extend down to where the joint is.

While stretching, they may startle and roll over on their backs, resulting in them being on their sides. This exercise is common among cats that have been indoor cats and not outdoor cats.

how cats wake up their owners

Can cats sense when you wake up?

To answer how cats wake up their owners, you need to think about how cats sleep. They sleep on their stomachs, but if you continue to sleep on your back and allow your body to stay asleep while your cat crawls around on your stomach, they won’t get the full benefit of stretching.

As a result, they will wake up when you do if the two of you haven’t separated yet.

One other consideration you might have about how cats wake up their owners is that they get excited when they see their owners’ faces.

Cats don’t normally show this emotion, and normally when they do, it’s because they are excited about something.

So how do they wake their owners up without barking, meowing, or scratching your face? Well, some cats use their urine to wake their owners.

Another answer to how cats wake up their owners is that they may look at their owners’ faces in the eyes and then stop looking. This is something to be considered.

They may stare at their owners’ faces and then stop looking for another mirror to focus on their faces. This could happen as a response to being stimulated.

How cats wake up their owners? The Pattern

The best way to figure out how cats wake up their owners is by observing them when they’re either lying down or trying to sleep. If they seem to ignore their owners, try to move their bodies to make them aware that you’re there.

It’s not always easy how cats to wake up their owners because some may seem like they don’t care. This isn’t always true. If you watch your cat carefully, you’ll see that they often look toward their owner for stimulation.

If they don’t want you to disturb them, they will try and get your attention in other ways. This can be as obvious as staring at you or making small animal sounds.

If your cat tries to get your attention through other means, don’t react. Cats tend to think that they already got your attention when you didn’t respond.

If you do react, they will probably think they got you confused with another cat. Instead of answering, ignore them.

Why is my cat waking me up at 4 am? Or at a fixed time?

If your cat keeps on waking you up at 4 a.m. early in the morning every day it’s probably because your feline has a history of tricking you and as an animal instinct then kept doing as they think you will fall for it. Congratulations, you have been outranked by your cat’s IQ.


The last question you might have is how cats wake up their owners. When they are sleeping, they may look around themselves to see if anything is out of the ordinary.

When you’re awake, they’ll likely move around your furniture or, worse yet, their bed. They wake you up simply because they want to get out of bed and stretch.

They need to stretch sometimes, so don’t freak out if they wake you up at night.

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