How Cats Took Over The Web

How cats took over the internet is one of those questions that has baffled scientists for years.

People are very confused by this phenomenon, which is called the Internetification of the World Wide Web.

So how did the internet get to be so cluttered and disorganized?

Well, a group of researchers from MIT was trying to answer this exact question when they conducted a study about how cats use the internet. What they found is quite amazing and quite disturbing.

how cats took over the internet

The study looked at how cats used the web to hunt for food and locate other animals. They concluded that these behaviors are very natural and that there aren’t any unnatural processes or algorithms that are working to dominate the web.

In fact, the study also pointed out that cats are able to do this without human intervention.

This was quite surprising because in the past people have thought that search engines can and do take over the functionality of the internet.

Let’s Understand How Cats Took Over The Internet? 

To understand how cats took over the internet you need to know how the search engines work.

When you type in a keyword in the search bar, you get back some search results.

These results are the result of a complex algorithm that the search engine uses to find relevant pages for your query.

Every time someone searches for a certain term or phrase on the internet, similar keywords appear. So, your search results are all related to that particular term.

To make matters worse, the algorithms are not public property and so nobody knows exactly how they are worked out.

That’s why how cats took over the internet is such a big question. Nobody really knows how the web is constructed and how it works.

And the search engines don’t exactly give you much information either. They keep their algorithm a secret so that they can earn money from selling it to other websites.

This has led to questions being asked about how cats took over the web. Some people have suggested that the reason Google is the most popular search engine around is that nobody knows how the system works.

Meanwhile, others have theorized that it is the result of a clever algorithm created by a company to make more money. Others still say that both are true. No matter how you look at it, the fact remains that cats did indeed dominate the web.

The question now is how did the web take over the web. The answer is simple. People love to click. It is an unnatural behavior that is hard to explain to non-web users.

People were clicking tons of links per day before the World Wide Web was created, and the number just keeps growing each day.

People like to Entertain Themselves with cats?

People like to click, and they are not alone. In fact, they are probably the most important part of the whole system. Websites get hits because people are interested in them.

Those interested are people who need information, and the websites have the resources to provide that to them. They get those clicks by knowing how cats took over the web.

It is easy to understand why someone would be interested in finding out how cats took over the web. The web offers many things for those interested in finding them.

They can search, see, and get results instantly. If that is not enough, they can also enjoy the benefits of living in a society that is rapidly becoming the most developed on earth.

Interest in the internet has reached all levels of society now and how cats took over the web is only going to grow in popularity.

Children, teenagers, adults, and even older people love to use the web. It is the center of many communication activities and it is fast becoming the center of business as well.

People need to have internet access in order to keep up with the fast-paced world in which we live.

People who do not have internet access can still use the web to take part in many of the activities and events which cats will often partake in.

They can enjoy great photos, videos, and interaction with their favorite feline. How cats take over the web is one of the biggest questions of our time.

How soon will we move to the next stage, and will the cats take over completely?


One thing is for certain, and that is that the cats are taking over the internet with a large, expanding territory. The question remains, will they ever tire of their newfound ownership?

One thing is for sure, and that is that people love their cats, and most would never leave their homes if they did.

So how cats took over the web remains a mystery. Until we get away to catch them, the games will continue to go on.

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