Litter Box Solutions for Small Apartments

A cat has captured your heart, and now you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. You’re lucky if you can whisk them away in a spacious castle, but what if you only have a small apartment? Many apartment dwellers would choose cats over any other type of pet because cats are generally independent and have no inclination to go out, wander, and get lost like dogs. An average cat will be contented inside an apartment waiting for the master or the mistress to come home. If you leave cats with treats and toys, they can spend the entire day fulfilled and busy. Cats do have requirements so you need litter box solutions for small apartments.

litter box solutions for small apartments

Cats naturally look for one special and specific place to do their dirty deed, and it is important that you provide them with their own space to help them with their needs as well as maintain the hygiene of your apartment. The following is a guide for litter box solutions for small apartments.

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Litter Box Solutions for Small Apartments: How many do you need?

Do you have a heart for more than one cat? In this case, the general rule should be one litter box per cat plus one extra. If you have only one cat, you can have one litter box in a small house or apartment provided that you clean it frequently. If you know you can’t maintain with one litter box’s upkeep, you should get two. Cats tend to be sensitive and finicky, and if they find that one litter box is too messy and unclean, they will need an alternative.

If you have plenty of cats in a small apartment, litter box solutions for small apartments can be a challenge. You can get away with fewer litter boxes, but you have to do maintenance more often, preferably cleaning scooping waste, once in the morning and once in the evening. Cleaning several litter boxes every day may seem like a big hassle, but one thing you can do is invest in a self-cleaning litter box. As the description suggests, automatic litter boxes clean up after your cat so you won’t have to hunch down and scoop poop. Plus, your cat gets to have a clean place to go to every time.

Best places for litter box solutions for small apartments

The best place litter box solutions for small apartments is a place where it is out of the way and yet is easily accessible. This feature should apply for you and for your cat since your cat will be using the litter box and you will be cleaning it. Your cat should know where the litter box is and should have no trouble getting to it when it is time for them to go. If you conceal the litter box and put it out of sight, it may confuse your cat and cause more hassle.

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Litter box solutions for small apartments and privacy

litter box solutions for small apartments

Give your cats some privacy because they do want some secrecy when they are doing their deed. Provide a curtain, cover, or dome. Putting the litter box in your own bathroom will be the best decision, especially if you are struggling with space. Always make sure, however, that the bathroom door is wide open so your cat can have easy access to the litter box. Some people put the litter box next to the toilet or next to the bathtub. If you have space under your sink, this is a good place for litter box solutions for small apartments. It all depends on what works for your bathroom space.

Guest Bedrooms

If your apartment has a guest bedroom putting the cat litter, there will also be a good choice since guest bedrooms are not often used. In a studio apartment or small homes, there may not be such a thing as a spare room. However, your dwelling may be equipped with one of those hallway closets. The space would be enough for litter box solutions for small apartments and offer privacy. You can modify these closets by cutting a hole on them, but make sure you have permission to do so if you are renting. 

Laundry Room

If you have the luxury of having a laundry room or mudroom, this is a great place to put litter box solutions for small apartments. Many cat owners put litter boxes in laundry rooms because it is private and far from the main living area. However, laundry rooms become noisy and busy places when you are using the washer. The sound of tumbling clothes and buzzers can frighten your cat. If you put cat litters in these places, try to put it behind a screen or curtain or place it inside a box to make your cat feel comfortable.

Litter Box solutions for small Apartments must work for your cat

If you have found the perfect spot for litter box solutions for small apartments, observe how your cat behaves. Make sure your cat can access the litter box without a hitch, and that nothing obstructs the opening. Laundry, shoes, and grocery bags should be put away neatly and not block your kitty’s litter box.

If the location is working out, then it is great. In case your cat encounters some problems, you may have to move the litter box elsewhere. If you have to do this, you have to plan a strategy to make your cat adjust to the new location, such as letting waste accumulate on the old litter box until they find it unattractive. Cats would prefer a newer and cleaner litter box and will eventually choose the newer location to the old one.


One of the challenges of finding the perfect spot for Litter box solutions for small apartments is how to control odors. If you live in a small apartment, the odors will tend to linger all over the place. A smaller space means more challenges on where to find the perfect litter box spot. A good spot, however, is somewhere near the ventilation area, putting the litter box there allows the fumes to go out. You will have fresher and cleaner indoor air as a result.

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Well ventilated places include spots near the window or on a balcony if you have one. If you have to out a litter box inside a bathroom, make sure it has an exhaust fan.

litter box solutions for small apartments

More Tips for litter box solutions for small apartments

Remember that cats are sensitive and fastidious, so you should choose a place that is quiet, calm, and has low traffic. The litter box should be placed where your cat feels secure and safe. In a small apartment, finding the right spot for the litter box may be a challenge, so think of ways on how you can utilize every inch and corner of your home.

It would help if you reconfigured and repurpose furniture that already occupies your space to accommodate the litter box. You can retrofit sideboard and side tables to accommodate your litter box and supplies. You can modify these spaces and furniture so your kitty will have easy access to it. There are many DIY projects you can do on how to make your litter box integrate into your interiors and not be an obtrusive eyesore.

Top Three Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Apartments



Product Description: The Hidden Litter Box is the largest of the hidden litter boxes. The litter box to humans looks like a planter when turned around towards the corner of the wall. Your pets will be able to crawl inside the base of the planter and use it as a litterbox with great privacy. The base can also be lined with bedding to use as a pet bed instead. It has a vented design and filter controls for dust and odor. This litter conceals cat litter with the decorative feature of plant filter and moss. Just add litter inside. It is made of durable polypropylene construction. It is a large capacity and great for large cats and multi-cat households.

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Style


Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box is your perfect solution to a small apartment. If your space has a particular color motif, it is easy to customize this cat litter with spray paint to make it more complementary to its surroundings. None of your guests will think this is a litter box, and they will be surprised unless you mention it. It is a great secret hiding place where cats can do their deed without anyone noticing.


  • A great look if you customize with spray paint
  • Tough and durable
  • Blends well with interiors
  • A great solution for small apartments
  • A lot bigger than expected


  • Cheap-looking plant

Runners Up

Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

litter pan

Product Description:

Make cleaning litter an easy chore. You don’t have to hunch down and spend a long time reaching for cat waste to scoop. The sifting pan makes scooping easy. Shake the pan and get the poop out. This is an efficient way to keep your cat’s litter fresher for longer. Simply lift the pan to separate soiled and clean litter. There is also antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent odor-causing bacteria and stains.

✔️Swift clean-up
✔️Anti-microbial product protection
✔️Durable and sturdy
✔️Great for pine pellet litter
✔️Requires minimal amount of time to clean litter
❌Too small for bigger cats

Cat Washroom Bench

washroom bench

Product Description:

This elegant piece of furniture looks like it’s made for humans, but it is for your beloved cats. Nothing camouflages away all those dirty litter than this pristine white washroom bench. It confines all the litter mess inside while providing useful space for many organizing options. The box is designed to fit any size litter box, including the extra-large automatic litter boxes. It comes with a removable partition wall creating a space to store litter, scoop, and other supplies. The entrance to the cat washroom bench can be placed on either side of the unit to suit the room it is used in. This is great for apartments where everything needs to be functional and aesthetic.

✔️Seamlessly camouflage a messy cat litter box.
✔️Organize a litter box, litter, and other pet supplies
✔️Great in any room of the house
✔️Quick and easy assembly
❌No negative reviews so far

Different Types of litter box solutions for small apartments

The type of litter box you will choose for your cat must cater to their individual needs. If they have any special conditions, such as an older cat with arthritis, they must have a litter box that is easy to step into. 

Multiple cats—open litter pans

Cats are known to be territorial; that is why it is a better practice to have a one litter box per one cat rule. However, there are some instances where you have a crazy number of cats and limited space, and this just can’t happen. Open litter pans are a great way for cats to get some relief. The open pans allow the cats to see each other, so they will know when it’s safe to do their business. However, with this type, odors can be a problem, and you may have to constantly deal with the lingering smell of a cat litter box.

Covered boxes

If you can afford it, covered boxes are great for keeping odors away and concealing the litter as well as giving your cats privacy. You may have to do more cleaning, though, because the covers or hoods concentrate the odors. Luckily there are covered litter boxes with built-in ventilators, so this can be a better option.

Self-cleaning boxes

litter box solutions for small apartments

Cleaning cat poop can be tiresome, so self-cleaning boxes are a definite convenience. These are a great investment if you are a cat parent who is always on the go and can only give a few minutes of your time to cleaning litter boxes. These new-fangled items have a built-in system that disposes of the litter in a bag or container so you can go on with your day.

Final Thoughts

Cats are beloved pets, and they are treated like family and are loved at the same level as humans by their pet parents. Make their home with you comfortable and stress-free by providing them with litter box solution for small apartments. Your cat will love sharing your home with you all the better.