Do Birman Cats Scratch Furniture

No doubt cats look cute, but having one is a huge responsibility. Sometimes having a cat can prove wrong or even be a nightmare for some people. If you are worried about your furniture getting scratched by a cat, don’t be so. In this article, I will answer a fascinating question: do Birman cat scratch furniture? And if yes, what are the things that you can do to prevent it? 

We all know that a Birman cat loves to be petted, cuddled, and handled. They also enjoy spending time with you and following you from room to room. They are brilliant, trainable, and social. Birman cats have moderate energy levels. Can they be destructive in any way? Why Do Birman cat-scratch furniture? Let’s find out the truth first.

Do Birman Cats Scratch Furniture?

A Birman cat is likely to scratch furniture just like other cat breeds. However, they are less destructive than their counterpart breeds. A scratching post or mat is enough to keep your Birman cats at Bay From furniture. A Birman cat is an intelligent and innovative breed that will learn where to use its claws. 

A Birman cat should be able to learn to scratch on scratching posts and mats rather than furniture. With proper training and patience, you can teach your cat where to strike and where to not. Although you can’t always prevent your Birman cat from scratching, some tips can minimize the habit or damage. 

Cats usually scratch for many reasons, including stress, excitement, or hunger. A cat may also cross to Mark their territory. The scratching behavior is expected in cat breeds and many other animals as it’s instinctive.

Therefore, I recommend you always offer a scratching post, a chewable toy, and plenty of food to keep their energy level low and damage at Bay. 

If your Birman cat is becoming more destructive daily, create a barrier to keep her out of specific or decided areas. There are also a few products that you can use on furniture to prevent your Birman cat from scratching.

These products are designed to be used on tables and deter cats from crossing them. Check some of those products to protect your furniture from your cat’s little but sharp nails. 

After knowing that Birman cats also scratch furniture, let’s discover why they love to doodle. 

Why Do Birman Cats Love To Scratch?

I have seen many cats who like to scratch, but it becomes a bit annoying if they do it on a hardwood floor. It’s not uncommon to notice a cat scratching since she was born.

Scratching is an Instinct in all cats, including Birman cat. But there can be a couple of reasons why your cat has to scratch so much. in most cases, they do this to Mark their territory, but below are three familiar reasons:

  1. To Release Stress
  2. To Mark The Territory.
  3. To Relieve Pain.
  4. To Play
  5. To Express Anxiety, Frustration, Anger, Hunger, And Other Emotions.

In cats, scratching is expected but not a good habit to increase as it can lead to huge problems like broken & bleeding claws. A cat may also suffer from infection if she frequently scratches. Below I mentioned some tips on how to stop your cat from scratching.

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching?

A Scratching Post

This is the best option to go with. Scratching posts is the best way to stop your Birman cat from destroying your furniture. Scratching posts in their room will keep felines busy with their claws rather than going near the table to scratch.

Make sure to place a scratching post where your kitty often scratches. You should also place a scratching post in areas where your Birman cats spend most of their time.

If your cat doesn’t seem stimulated by a scratching post, I recommend spraying catnip to help your feline get used to it. If your cat starts using it, reward them with the treat to encourage and appreciate this behavior only.

Cat Repellent

Even though you love your cat when she is around, sometimes it can be unpleasant. If you want your Birman cat to be out of a specific area or furniture, you should consider using cat repellent spray. You can also make a homemade natural repellent utilizing a mix of citrus-based products.

Alternatively, you can also take the help of eucalyptus, lavender, or cinnamon oil, as their scents are unpleasant to cats. Get a cat-repellent spray that can be easily used on furniture, blinds, plants, fabrics, walls, curtains, carpets, and other things you want to protect from your cat’s teeth and claws.

Aluminum Foil 

If you notice your cat scratching the same furniture every time, you can use Aluminium foil. Cats often feel irritated and uncomfortable when they walk on an aluminum surface. Many people have been using Aluminium foil to deter wildcats.

You can also use it to prevent your Birman cat from scratching your furniture or specific areas. Hence, using aluminum foil, you should cover all the places your Birman cat loves to rub. Another alternative is to use sticky paws and furniture strips.

The best thing is that your cat won’t be able to detect it as these are transparent adhesives that can be applied directly to the furniture fabric and prevent cats from scratching. Sticky paws are entirely safe and don’t pose any health threat to your feline. Plus, there won’t be any sticky residue or fabric.

Feliway Spray

Do you know what Feliway spray is? Have you ever heard of feline facial pheromones? If not, let me first tell you: this is the pheromone responsible for keeping your cat safe, comfortable, and Secure in their environment.

Feliway Spray does the same by mimicking the function of the feline facial pheromone. In a word, Feliway spray is nothing else than a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromones. Usually, it helps prevent unwanted Behaviour in cats, like scratching furniture.

This is one of the best ways to redirect your cat’s attention. Considers applying Feliway spray to areas where your cat roams after cleaning with water and show.

This will help release happy messages to reassure your Birman cat and stop them from returning there. There might be more popular and effective ways, but it is still a good alternative.


Another great way to keep your cat from scratching your furniture and causing further damage is by distracting them. You can use interactive toys to distract your cat, as Birman cats love to play games. You can also use catnip toys to catch their attention and make them happy.

My Birman Cats Are Still Scratching Furniture.

If the above information has not been proven to be helpful for you, then there can be other factors to consider. As I told you previously, there can be many reasons your cat can be scratching your furniture.

Hence you should first find the cost before treating it. Below I am mentioning three common reasons why your cat is still scratching furniture and being destructive.


In most cases, Birman cats feel stressed if there is any unpleasant noise. If there is any Sudden movement or strangers around, she will start running back and forth or scratching your furniture. She might also suffer from stress if she recently changed her diet routine.

Sickness also seems to be another reason for stress in the cat. Thus a cat will always try to reduce stress by excessive scratching and clawing. In many types of research, it has been proved that scratching helps animals relieve stress and sleep better.

Maybe a Birman cat is scratching posts because there need to be more places to scratch. And now, she is becoming more destructive or even aggressive.

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Bored Birman cat will always try to keep herself entertained as Birman cat needs attention from time to time with proper mental stimulation to feel happy. Thus she will either play with different toys or scratch your furniture. Therefore you should get them different types of attractive toys and play a part in their playtime.


If you work daily for hours and hours while leaving your cat alone for more than 6 hours, she might be feeling lonely. Any cat that is alone will start destructive Behaviour or be aggressive. Therefore, you should adopt a Birman cat in pairs or get someone to keep them company. 

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I have given all the information and reasons why Birman cats scratch furniture. You can find the cause and treat it from the above information. Like any cat, Birman cat can also be destructive and start clawing your furniture out of nowhere.

To discourage this Behaviour, consider investing in cat trees, toys, and cat-repellent products. I tried my best to give you all the information on the question: do Birman cats scratch furniture? And if yes, why so. If you like this article, then consider sharing it.

Your share will help many people learn about this breed, forcing them to open their hearts and home. Your claim may support one or many people training their cat not to scratch using tips to prevent it. Check our other article on Birman cat care; till then, take care and goodbye.

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