Do Birman Cats Like To Be Held

If you have been considering adopting a cat, that might be a Birman cat you need. But before that, it is essential to learn if they would even like to be handled. Only saying that all Birman cats love being born is an understatement.

However, your Cat will always appreciate you if you carry them in your arms for a while. Despite their shyness and fear, they will always look to be with you and spend some quality time. Therefore, let’s first find out: do Birman cats like to be held?

Do Birman Cats Like To Be Held?

Birman cats love to be held, especially by their loved ones. Birman cats tend to be very cuddly, affectionate, and docile pet breeds, so paying close attention to their mental stimulation and physical activities is essential.

They not only like being handled but also like to spend some quality time with you. In addition, if they are left alone for a very long time, they can be depressed.

The Birman cat is not the Breed that can tolerate being alone for more than a day at least. However, for their well-being and happiness, you should get another cat or dog with the same personality as this Breed.

Why Do Birman Cats Like To Be Held?

There can be many ways why your Cat always wants to be beside you. It’s not uncommon to notice Birman cats following their loved ones from room to room while trying to participate in whatever their owners are doing.

A Birman cat is a highly affectionate breed that craves human attention and companionship. Birman cats are famous for their stunning and mesmerizing Blue Eyes. Their overall Majestic look and present personality have forced people to open their homes for this Breed for many years.

Because a Birman cat tends to be loving, she will never complain about being handled or held most of the time. Birman cats are very good with kids who know how to handle pets. Therefore, getting a Birman cat means allowing your children to experience loyalty, responsibility, trust, and care.

The affectionate nature of a Birman car is alone enough to explain why they are great at socializing and being held. Below I have mentioned some reasons why Birman cats like to be kept and some critical points for developing a healthy relationship. Below I will also discuss knowing if your Birman cat is asking you to carry him.

Love Playtime.

Even though most cat breeds spend their day just lying and napping. The Birman cat is very different and is often stimulated. It is essential to keep them on a regular stimulated exercise for an active Lifestyle. If there are any chewable toys, make sure you give them to your kitten.

No kitten or Cat doesn’t love playing with toys. Participating yourself can make your Cat’s playtime more engaging, interactive, and entertaining. If you just brought the kitten home, expect him to be somehow distant and cautious of you in the first few days.

This is known to be the adjustment period. It would help if you approached slowly for a gradual introduction. Birman cats are the ones who always enjoy human company. In one sentence, Birman cats are people pleasers.

Emotional Attachment.

Only push hard if you notice a newly brought kitten somehow distant and cautious of you in her very first few days. It is essential to give your kitten enough time to make adjustments during the period and acclimate to the new environment.

Often enough, a kitten goes through a lot, especially stress, when she is in a new environment. Therefore, you should seek to earn your kitten’s trust to alter her behavior.

Once your kitten starts trusting you, she will be more tolerant of you. And then you can hold her or invade her space for some time. Always ensure you are doing everything at the beginning of your relationship.


A Birman cat is brilliant and expressive in its way. If Birman cats love you, they will tell you through their body language and different sounds. You will notice your Birman cat telling you what she needs in a particular situation through vocalization.

If you spend the most time outdoors, you won’t be surprised if your Cat is waiting at the doorstep. Like dogs, Birman cats also approach the door to greet you once you return home. If you notice a cat making a distinct noise while standing straight, she asks you to pick her up.

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Extremely Velcro.

You might have noticed a Birman cat following its owner wherever they go. Therefore having a Birman cat means she will follow you even in the kitchen faucet, or you may also sense your Cat staring at you. In most cases, owners offer some snack or treat, which is wrong.

You should only provide a treat or snack sometimes when your Cat approaches. If you notice a Birman cat being around you constantly with constant meowing, she might ask you to shower some love. It is better to carry her in your arms to assure them of the security she needs.


Even though Birman’s cats are shy, she will never be scared of using her body language to tell her loved ones what she needs or wants.

It is common to find a Birman cat pouncing on your lap and lying there for a while. If your Birman cat is young, expect it to climb at you while watching tv or washing the dishes. If you notice your Cat jumping on you as if you were a tree, she is telling you to pick her up.

Does Holding A Birman Cat Help With Separation Anxiety? 

Yes, spending some time while holding them will help with their separation anxiety. Birman cats are prone to depression and separation anxiety due to loneliness or boredom. It would help if you never forgot that a Birman cat is a highly attached, people-loving Breed that craves human attention.

Therefore they only do well with interaction if left alone for a day or two. It is important to cuddle and hold her in your arms while reassuring her you are always there. Your Cat also needs to feel she is essential in your life as your family member. 

Even though holding a cat is a simple act that anyone can do, it should be done correctly to prevent an immeasurable impact on your Birman cat’s life. It would help if you always tried never to leave your Cat for more than a couple of hours in the first place, as much as you can. But if there is an urgent need, get anyone to keep your kitty company.

3 Ways to Snuggle With Birman cat

Do you know that snuggling with any car boosts not only your mental health but also your physical health? Having a Birman cat will always have a positive health effect.

Researchers have already found that having a pet adds more extra years to one’s life, so taking advantage of this perk is essential. Therefore, you should both be in the mood to snuggle. Here I am mentioning three different ways to do it right.

Stroking And Petting. 

You can stroke your Birman cat like a light tapping on its head. You can also give a quick belly scratch to your Birman cat. Make sure you make direct eye contact to learn and react to his emotions.

Lap Time. 

If you are watching TV or reading any book, you should let your Cat live or sleep on your lap. A Birman cat will never mind just laying on you for hours.

Therefore, it is recommended to continually encourage and invite your Birman cat to pounce and sit with you while you are watching your favorite TV show or final football match. Birman cat is likely to show interest in whatever you are watching on the tv screen if she’s also in the mood to snuggle.

Do Male Or Female Birman Cats Like To Be Held More?

It has been found that male cats tend to be more affectionate and look for human attention than females. You can expect male Birman cats to be more willing to have Physical interactions, play, snuggles, and cuddles than their counterparts.

In a word, male cats tend to be babish than female cats. In addition, male cats also need more interaction for proper mental stimulation than females. Female cats have been seen to be less demanding and more independent from their owner.


Having a cat has been an enormous responsibility for years. Therefore, you should only get the Breed that suits you the best. Depending upon what features & personality you are looking for, a Birman cat may be best for you.

A Birman cat likes to be held and snuggle with you for hours and even all the time. If you are looking for a cuddly Birman cat, I recommend you go with the male cats, as they are more willing to interact physically.

Plus, male Birman cats are more people-pleaser compared to their counterparts. I have tried my best to give you all the information regarding the question: do Birman cats like to be held?

If you want this article, then consider sharing it. Your share may help many people learn about this Breed and how pleasing they are. Do check our other article on Birman cat care. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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