Covered Cat Beds for Large Cats

Sleep is vital to cats. If you are a cat owner, you probably know how much cats sleep. According to data, they sleep as much as 12 to 16 hours a day. That’s a lot of cat nap! Cats need their sleep to replenish their energies since they are predatory animals.

Even though chasing a ball or squeaky toy may seem like play, all that pouncing and jumping take its toll on their energies. Thus, your cats need their sleep so they can play and hunt for another day.

A cat bed is crucial to a cat’s life. Cats are comfortable sleeping anywhere, but it would be a huge plus if you gave them their domain.

Covered cat beds for large cats fulfill their need for a sheltered place to sleep. It mimics the caves in the wild and is an ultra-snug place to rest.

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Covered cat beds for large cats Features to Consider

Covered Cat Beds Large Cats

Machine washable

A washable machine fabric makes your life so much easier. Just toss the cat bed in washer and out it goes squeaky clean.

In the course of the day, you will never know what your cat will get into. They may not be clean when they get in the bed.

All that dirt and grime will be stuck on their bodies and into the bed. Sometimes there may even be some blood on the fabric if they have made a kill during the day.

It wouldn’t be appealing to hand wash all that scum. Washing machines do fray down fabrics, though, so you may have to temper your machine washing with a little TLC and have a spot cleaning in-between wash.


Your benign visitors and friends who come over the house may frighten off your cat. Cats are sensitive creatures, and anyone new may seem like a threat to them and an intruder to their privacy.

Buying your cat a new bed can be an opportunity for them to get some private space no matter who is in the house.

They will want covered cat beds for large cats or better yet get them a full-blown condo-style bed where they can sleep on a perch, out of reach.

Heated beds

If you live in cold, wintry areas, your cat will love you if you give them a heated bed. If your cat lives outside and is housed in your yard, a heated bed during the cold night will be doubly invaluable.

Cats need heated beds even if they just sleep in the garage occasionally and spend most of the time indoors.

You have to follow the manual of the heated cat bed, though, to make sure there won’t be any fire accidents and overheating.


Cats need to be toasty warm, and thankfully technology has found a safe way to keep cat beds warm.

These cat self-warming cat beds are inspired by the technology used by NASA in their US space programs.

They use your cat’s own heat to be radiated within the bed. As a result, the bed becomes warm and comfortable.

However, this Mylar construction will only generate heat if your cat has a warm body. If they are freezing out in the cold on your yard, the self-warming device will not work.

Attached toys

Covered Cat Beds Large Cats

Some covered cat beds for large cats beds sold on the market have something extra in that they have attached toys.

These toys are great because they keep your cat active and stimulated. There may be times when your cat will be sleeping too much in a day.

She will get roused from her sleep and engage in a little play when she sees some dangling toys from her cat bed. It can be a nice break from a catnap to get some exercise.

These toys will usually be attached near the entrance on top of the cat bed. If your cat bed doesn’t come with toys, you can always buy them separately and simply attach it.


Cats are active creatures, and they scratch a lot. They may wear out their beds in no time. Your covered cat beds for large cats may get scratched on whether you like it or not.

The durability of materials is crucial in this case. Your cat bed should be able to endure cat abuse and not be torn to shreds.

Wool felt, and anything carpet-like will serve as excellent materials for your cat bed.

Top 3 Covered cat beds for large cats

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[su_service title=”Kitty City Large Cat Cube Bed” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Kitty City Large Cat Cube Bed

This bed is spacious enough, and your cat will have plenty of space to call her own. This covered cat beds for large cats allows your cat to have her own secret space if she’s not feeling social. There’s a padded bed on top of her little cove, as well. This company has a 2-story cat bed option if you have multiple cats. For the single-story version, there are “hide-and-seek” cut-outs. These holes allow the cat to see out of her bed and one hole even has a dangling toy for her to play with.

This cat bed is foldable if your cat doesn’t use that much or if you are going away to travel. It is portable for easy storage and transport.

[su_service title=”Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed for Pets” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed for Pets

The Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed for Pets is a good choice for any cat who needs to slink away from social company. The pillow in this bed are removable and machine washable. The entire bed can be washed in a machine, and it won’t lose its shape or durability. You can also push on the top to fold down an extra thick cushion, your cat can comfortably sleep on, and once he wakes up. The roof can reform its shape as a tent.

There are three different colors and three different styles, namely cave, cove, and tent. There are four different sizes, as well. This bed for your cat is one that you can make sure fits your cat and home perfectly. The material used is a high-quality polyfoam, which is used in each design. It molds to your cat’s body, making it a soft but supportive bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cat bed?

Cats sleep anywhere. If you ask them a cat bed can be anything their fancy takes them. Even your bed! It is crucial to get a cat bed specially made for cats in pets stores so she won’t be sleeping anywhere she wants. Your sofa and other furniture may become her next victim, and you wouldn’t want all the fur and dirt sticking there. Ideally, a cat bed should have extra padding and some privacy. Most cats will adore covered cat beds for large cats. There are many types of cat beds, but there are at least three categories: heated, flat, and covered. Each type of bed will support your cat’s comfort in its own way.

Do cats need a cat bed?

Covered Cat Beds Large Cats

Cats really don’t need a bed. If your cat doesn’t have a bed, you will find that they sleep comfortably almost anywhere. As a human owner, though, you may need to have a designated place for them. You may enjoy having your cat sleep with you on your own bed, but remember that your cat doesn’t wipe their bottom once they get out of the litter box. Yes, they may spread fecal matter all over your bed. They may look clean, but there is a lot of germs and dirt in that fur.

You should also take note that cats are rather territorial. It will please them to have their own domain in the form of a cat bed in the house. They want a place that is especially theirs. Your cat will be all the more pleasant to live with if they have a cat bed. They will feel more independent and enjoy their privacy. If they can have some time off with you, all the snuggles and cuddles you will share when you finally get back together ill be all the more special.

How do I get my cat to use her cat bed?

Cats may avoid their bed at first. However, what you can do is to make the bed as appealing as possible.

A self-warming bed or a bed that gives cover will make for an attractive bed that will convince your cat to use it. If your cat is in a confined space with the bed, be sure to close the door to ensure your cat will use the bed.

The location of the cat bed is important to get your cats to use it. They may have their own preferences when it comes to a comfortable sleeping space.

Experiment on putting the cat bed in different locations such as up high on a counter top, under the table, in a separate room, or in your bedroom near where you sleep.  

There are instances that you will find that you have tried all methods, but your cat is still not using their cat bed.

You can try putting your worn t-shirt on the bed to attract them to the scent. This is a good strategy because not only will the shirt have your smell; it will also have your body heat, something your cat may like cuddling up next to.

Are heated cat beds safe?

Heated beds are safe to use. Ideally, a heated bed must turn on and stay on. You have to keep an eye on the bed while it is turned on and never leave your cat unsupervised.

Heated beds will keep a cat bed warm 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the temperature I a room. It will keep your cat toasty and warm, but the heat will not be so hot as to jack up your electric bill.  

Heated beds still use electricity, though, and you may frown upon the use of energy. There are alternatives such as the space-age heat-reflecting technology of Mylar space blankets.

It allows the cat’s body to reflect heat, which is then concentrated on the cat bed keeping your cat very toasty warm.

Final Thoughts

Cats have an intense need to sleep and to have their domain. Fulfill both these needs by giving them their very own covered cat beds for large cats.

These roomy and private beds can help your beloved cat sleep in comfort and stay energized. They will have better sleep and sweet dreams in any of these fantastic high-quality cat beds.

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