Cat Trimmers for Long Hair Cats

Cats are gorgeous for many reasons. They have amazing eyes, a graceful demeanor, and an elegant walk. These feline creatures are born with the uncanny ability to mesmerize because of their grace. However, for many pet owners, what sets them apart is their coats. People love petting a cat’s fur. The fur is important to a cat’s overall look. Grooming your cat and making sure their hair is well-maintained is all part of keeping their glorious appearance. Long-haired cats have fine hair that is prone to mats. Trimming your cat and making sure their coat is smooth may become a challenge, but not if you have the right cat trimmers for long hair cats. The right tools plus enough know-how can help you keep your cat looking stunning and beautiful

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Cat Trimmers for Long Hair Cats

Cat Trimmers for Long Hair Cats: Some Things to Consider

Does My Cat Need a Haircut?

The first thing you should ask yourself before you hold that cat trimmers for long hair cats is if your cat needs a haircut. To be honest, they probably don’t need a haircut. Haircuts are really only necessary if your cat has a matted coat; otherwise, haircuts are unnecessary. What is important is to groom your cat on a regular basis as recommended by your veterinarian for your specific breed. This is necessary to help remove shedding that can end up all over your living area, such as your furniture. Grooming your cat is a good way to bond with your cat and helps them get used to being handled.

Aside from matted coats, people do find it necessary to give cats haircuts for various reasons. One is to reduce the shedding, and of course, to reduce those alarming hairballs, and sometimes also for sanitary reasons. It is a good idea to leave the cutting to the professionals if you don’t have much experience. Cats are sensitive and get alarmed by clippers, scissors, and other tools. Grooming is an art, and if you don’t have the patience and expertise, or good cat trimmers for long hair cats you can easily hurt your cat.  

Cat Haircuts

Lion Cut

The lion cut is a haircut that ill truly make your cat stand out. It involves trimming your cat’s body fur on their trunk except on the hair on their head, neck, feet, and tail. As the name suggests, the haircut will make them look like a lion. This cut is very popular and has the added benefit of making your cat cooler under warm weather

The Comb

Cat Trimmers for Long Hair Cats

The comb is fairly straightforward and involves cutting all your cat’s hair with a cat trimmers for long hair cats and leaving only a half an inch to an inch of cat’s fur. It has the goal of reducing shedding and furballs. It also makes it easier for you to monitor your cat’s health because you can easily examine and feel their skin.

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Belly Shave

Belly shave requires removing fur underneath your cat. It is given to long-haired cats and is very effective in reducing matting. Mats most often occur on the belly. Hygiene in cats is also improved with a belly shave since it makes it easier for them to clean themselves.

Sanitary or Hygiene Cut

This type of cut is no-frills and simply involves the trimming of hair around the anus to help keep the fur clean even after using the litter box. This cut is often given to long-haired cats and overweight cats.

Specific Cuts for a Breed

There are special styles for specific breeds you can ask your groomer about, such as the Persian shave down. However, most cuts will be variations of the cuts already mentioned. If possible, let your cat grow their fur to prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

Regular Care and Grooming

The summer months are usually the time when most people give their cats a haircut, but whether you decide to do so, you should know that grooming is essential to your cat’s health. Brushing your cat’s hair is one of your best defenses against excessive shedding and furballs, and it is best to ask your veterinarian about what kind of brush to use as well as how to use it and how frequently.  

You should get your cat used to grooming and cutting from a very young age so they will be comfortable with it as mature cats. Use rewards such as food treat and keep sessions short the first time as well as use the right cat trimmers for long hair cats. As you groom your cat, check the condition of her eyes, ears, teeth, skin, paws, and nails to see any signs of underlying health concerns.

How to care for your cat’s coat with Cat Trimmers for long hair cats

Cat Trimmers for Long Hair Cats

1. Fur problems of your cats

Long hair cats include breeds such as the Angora, Birman, and Persian. They have long and silky fur that is simply adorable. However, if you encounter problems with their fur or glaring changes, it may be a cause for alarm. You may be noting clumps of hair around the house, no longer shiny fur on your cat, and even bald patches. This calls for a further investigation, and the causes of the problem may be one of those listed below:

Diet or change of food

Cats need a nutritious, well-balanced meal. They have natural inclinations when it comes to food. A diet consisting mainly of dry food, for example, lacks variety and can have negative effects on their fur.

Vitamin deficiency

Cats won’t be getting all their vitamin needs from food alone, and it is crucial to give them cat vitamins to prevent dietary deficiencies. Your vet can give you a list of crucial vitamins to keep healthy fur, and some of the most common recommendations include wheat germ, salmon, or olive oil.

Parasite infestation

Parasites infestations are causes of an alarm and sometimes even an emergency. If cats have mites and fleas, they will undoubtedly scratch a lot, and this will result in whole clumps of fur to be pulled out. Sometimes you need to trim hair completely with cat trimmers for long hair cats The infestations need to be examined by a vet, so the proper intervention can be administered. It is also crucial to deworm your cat since fleas can be carriers of worms.

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Stress-related hair loss

Your cat is just like a human being in that stress can impact their physical health. This, of course, includes their fur, which could result in them having hair loss. Some reason for stress includes new people in the house, a competitive situation with other cats, and moving house. In this case, you need to get your cat relaxed and restore equilibrium to their well-being. Alternative therapy can help such as Bach flower

Exceptional physical strains

Cats may have undergone severe physical challenges that can affect the beauty of their coat. Has your cat had an operation, for example? Sometimes physical burden that is out of the ordinary can cause cats to have less than lustrous fur or even have hair loss.  

Other health problems

If you can’t identify the problem of your cat, you may need to perform a blood test to know exactly what is bothering them. This will help determine the underlying cause of symptoms and the proper interventions to do to help your cat.

2. Find the right moment for the care of the fur

You have to put aside a regular routine for caring for your cat’s fur. Make sure your cat is in a relaxed and cuddly mood, so you can do the job properly. Your cat will thank you because you will be helping them in their grooming needs so they will have less self-grooming to do. You should care for their fur in a room with no loud noises, which can distract the animal. Put your cat on a table with a soft cloth beneath; then you start brushing them from the head to the tail in the direction of the hair. You can cut their hair with a low noise cat trimmers for long hair cats if you think they will be better groomed with shorter hair.

3. Cutting off the cat’s fur completely

There may be instances where the cat’s fur is completely matted and damaged. The only way to remedy this is to visit a vet and have the cat anesthetized and to have their hair trimmed completely with cat trimmers for long hair cats. Cutting the fur without an anesthetic is not an option with cats since they tend to be nervous and jumpy and won’t sit still long enough. Anesthesia is necessary to prevent injury and accidents.

The process of curing a cat’s fur completely is unpleasant, but it is necessary to maintain their health. It may take a long time for the hair to come back again to its normal and attractive look. One benefit of cutting a cat’s hair, however, is that it will stimulate hair growth. Brushing your cat’s hair is crucial at this point.  

Best Cat Trimmers for Long hair Cats



Product Description: If you want your cat to cooperate with you when you cut their hair, you must use a tool that doesn’t create too much noise or is too intimidating. This product is one of the most well-reviewed cat hair trimmers. The Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers is a quiet model that can put your cat at ease in no time. It has a number 10 blade that cuts your cat’s hair short and cuts through matted hair with ease. You can choose between two speeds, a single-speed model or a two speed one. The dual-speed Oster is better for animals that are jumpy with sounds. The two speed may be far more useful since the high speed is louder than the low speed.

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  • Durability
  • Effectiveness
  • Preciseness


This is a versatile pet grooming clipper with a two-speed switch. It has two Speed motor Hi – 2,700 SPM, Lo – 2,100 SPM. Oster is great for precision and general-purpose grooming. It has a virtually unbreakable chew-proof housing. It is compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades. 


  • have little ventilation slats
  • The blade stays cool for a long time
  • Heavy duty 
  • Easy to use 
  • Can save you money from professional grooming


  • Comes with a USA plug only

Runners Up

The Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers

The Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers

Product description:

The Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers is one of the best-reviewed cat trimmers in the market. It comes as a set with four blades as well as other tools such as combs, scissors, and cleaning supplies for the blades.

The blades won’t snag on your cat’s fur and have a self-sharpening feature. The heavy-duty motor of the clipper can get you through the most challenging grooming sessions. It’s not cordless, which may be a problem when it comes to maneuvering this tool and getting around.

However, the price makes up for this since it is so much more affordable than cordless ones. The build is durable and heavy-duty since Wahl is known for its high-quality grooming supplies that are easy to use for pet owners and professionals.

✔️Snag Free Cutting
✔️Heavy Duty PowerDrive Motor
✔️High Carbon Self Sharpening Blades
✔️Colored Attachment Guards
✔️Made in the USA of Domestic & Foreign Parts
✔️Quiet and cuts hair well
✔️It comes with a carrying case
❌American plug only

The Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers

The Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers

Product description:

The Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers is one of the best purchases you can add in your pet accessories arsenal. It has a very affordable price and is a cordless model.

It comes with four blades plus additional accessories, which include a comb, scissors, nail trimmer, file, and cleaning supplies. This is a highly rated item on Amazon. This is a great product for beginners because it is easy to use and has the unique guide combs that will help you trim your cat correctly and safely.

It is easy to maneuver because it is cordless and can do most regular jobs. You may opt for a model with stronger power, though if you have to deal with a cat with matted fur.

✔️Easy to use
✔️Gentle shaver
✔️Well built
✔️Good for the price
❌No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Your cat’s coat should be well maintained since its appearance is a manifestation of their health. Cats with long and flowing lustrous coats have the appearance of good health and make better pets. Although it isn’t standard practice to trim cat’s hair sometimes, it is necessary for their health and to get rid of nasty matted fur. A review of cat trimmers for long hair cats is necessary to get the best tools for the job since cats are not the most cooperative creatures when it comes to their own haircut.