Can Birman Cats Be Left Alone? (7 Tips)

If you are a workaholic or are busy all day, you might be looking for a pet that can do well alone for an extended amount of time. Therefore, cats have been a pet of choice for decades among animal lovers with a busy lifestyles.

It’s no wonder that Birman cats are lovable puppies well-suited for families with kids. But what about being alone? Can Birman cats be left alone? In this article, I will answer this question and give you tips that can keep your cat from getting lonely.

Can Birman Cats Be Left Alone? 

Yes, Birman cats can also be lonely if there’s a toy or anything to keep her busy for almost 4-6 hours. Birman cats are people pleasers who always want to be by their owner’s side.

As long as toys and things are enough to keep them busy and promote mental stimulation, they are fine for a few hours. Avoid leaving your cat for more than 8 hours a day without company.

According to the rule of thumb, it is said that no feline should be left alone indefinitely and especially if it’s a sensitive cat like a Birman. Due to being affectionate and loving cats, Birman cats are likely to have a lower tolerance for solitude.

It’s hard not to open your home and heart to this breed because of its friendly personality and silky fur. But is this cat the right match for you? Even though Birman cats can be left alone at home while you are working outdoors

However, remember that they are less tolerant of loneliness than their counterpart breeds. Therefore let’s first find out How Long Can Birman Cats Live Alone.

How Long Can Birman Cats Be Left Alone?

Being on the conservative side, you should always avoid leaving your Birman cat alone for more than 6 hours a day. It is essential to have someone checking in on your cat in your absence if you are going to be late.

Leaving your Birman cat with pent-up energy may result in unpredictable circumstances like spilled water, scratched furniture, injuries, and more. Hence it may only apply to some cat owners. You are good to go if you are confident that your Birman cat will be fine in your setup.

Birman cats are very social and love to interact and engage with humans. Therefore before leaving your cat alone for work, pick her up and shower some love for a moment before leaving. It is essential to have some interactive toys around and scratching posts around while you are away.

If you notice any depression or separation anxiety in a Birman cat, pair her up with another pet. I highly recommend you first research before you are willing to adopt. It Is essential to have a well-prepared setup and mindset before your cat can enjoy a happy moment and life with you.

No matter what you do, you will need a pet sitter or someone to look after your cat if you leave for more than a day. Below are some tips on how to help a Birman cat from getting lonely.

7 Ways To Keep Your Birman Cat From Getting Lonely 

Offer Toys

This is an obvious way to keep a cat engaged. Birman cats tend to be very playful and will be delighted and excited to play with awesome toys if given. Therefore you can always keep your Birman cat busy with interactive toys, scratching posts, and cat trees while you’re away.

It’s best to get some awesome interactive toys and rotate them every day to make their toys even more mentally stimulating.

Let Them Peak Outdoor 

Birman cats usually enjoy looking out the window. They also chatter a lot if they see any bird or rodent outdoors. Make sure your home is escape-proof and windows are fully guarded. There should be no gap for opening to let your cat go outdoors in your absence.

Sometimes cats need easy access to peaks outdoors due to the height. You can invest in a cat Tower, suction Cup cat hammock, or an affordable floating shelf to give your Birman cat instant access to the joy of climbing and a broad outdoor view. It’s always good to invest in a good quality cat perch.

Another Pet

The best way to keep your Birman cat entertained and engaged is to get another feline companion. In most cases, Birman cats do well when paired up together under the same roof. However, make sure that you introduce cats very carefully and thoughtfully.

Thus if your cat seems to be doing very poorly while you are away, it’s best to get them a friend with a similar personality. If possible, an opposite gender for your Birman cat friendship. The introduction should be done carefully under supervision and patience. Each cat has their character and willingness. Some take more, and others take less to acclimate to each other.

Your Scent

You can’t keep some of your belongings that can remind your Birman cat of you. Believe it or not, your Birman cat will feel very soothing if you leave your scented cloth out. Alternatively, you can stuff their bed with things that hold your scent, so she feels you are nearby.


Believe it or not, Birman cat will appreciate a visit from your family member or friend anytime. Even though Birman cats are timid and fearful and don’t like to get along with strangers, a well-raised and mannered will appreciate meeting your friend or family occasionally. If no volunteer is ready for your cat, getting your friend to check on your cat will be best.

Turn On The Tv or Music

If your cat is interested in watching TV, you can leave it all while you are away. You can play music or video to keep your cat calm for a few hours when you are outdoorsy. It might shock you, but some cats also have favorite shows. Some cats may also like classical or jazz music depending on their personality. It may sound hilarious, but it’s true. 


This is one of the most common ways to handle a lonely pet while you are away for a very long time. You can use many apps like Rover to schedule a Proper pet sitter visit at a reasonable rate. Make sure to hire a person after knowing and trusting them.

Not all pet sitters will be good for you and your cat. Always have an experienced pet sitter who knows how to handle and care for a cat. 

At What Age, Can You Leave Your Cat Alone?

As every cat is different, depending upon the personality and attention your cat needs, the tolerance for loneliness differs. Below I have mentioned age by age regarding Birman cat’s tolerance of being alone.

Even though every cat is different, you can use its age as a cue & guideline for how much attention it needs.


Most people get kittens at home when they are 8 to 12 weeks old. At that moment, all Birman kittens will always look to play all time. At that moment, you should go along with it. Playing is very important for kittens to develop skills and learn.

Since the kitten is a quick learner, you should introduce things that she is likely to experience later in her life with you. You should spend most of your time as much as possible in this period for a better relationship.


Once Birman cats turn more than six months old, they calm down. This is when your Birman cat will start gaining confidence and learning trust in meeting other people, strangers, visitors, or friends. It’s best to leave your Birman cat alone for a while to get them used to it.


When a Birman cat is an adult comic, it is more Independent and calm. This is when your Birman cat will be in better shape and best equipped to be alone.


As your cat ages, they usually lose interest in daily activities. However, a senior cat will always be healthy with regular checkups, but you should consult a veterinarian before leaving your cat for the best judgment. You should never leave an older cat alone if it is suffering from any sickness or has trouble with its physical or emotional state.

How To Prepare Your Home Before Leaving Your Birman Cat Alone? 

Preparing yourself and your house before you leave your Birman cat for a while is essential. Below I have mentioned five tips to help you prepare your home before leaving.

Keep All Doors Open. 

No matter how many toys and supplies you offer to your cat, if she accidentally gets stuck to one room only. It is essential to open doors and allow your cat to roam around all over your home while you are away.


It is essential to keep fresh water readily available for your cat. No matter how much you feed your cat before leaving, she can still get hungry and thirsty in your absence. I will recommend you purchase an inexpensive gravity bowl that only dispenses more water if it’s being drunk. You can also get a refrigerated version to pamper your Birman cat, but it’s unnecessary. 

Litter Boxes. 

It is essential to have an extra little box around your cat space in case the existing one gets dirty. If you want to avoid finding a dirty litter box or related disruptions, add more litter boxes to the rotation. It is a great need for a feline-like the Birman cats.


Nowadays, you can quickly get a webcam for under $50 to check your cat from time to time from anywhere. You can always spare a few minutes at the office to check in on your kitty and enjoy peace of mind. If you notice anything wrong, you can ask a friend for a quick visit. 

Put Away Your Belongings And Valuable. 

If there is any item that your Birman cat can damage, consider keeping It somewhere secure. Birman Cat with pent-up energy can be very destructive and pose a danger to your valuable’s temptations while you are away. Make sure you exercise them properly before leaving. Exercise helps to drain their energy level and keep them calm.

Can I Leave My Birman Cat Inside OR Outside? 

It is best always to keep your Birman cat indoors because they are prone to accidents, predation, and getting catnapped. Birman cats are people-pleasing indoor cats but don’t do well left outside for an extended amount of time.

However, you should contact your car outdoors from time to time to introduce them to varieties of animal species like Birds. Fortunately, I have created an entire article on the question: can Birman cats go outside?

Therefore, I recommend reading it if you consider letting your Birman cat out. As their wonderful house pet, they should only be allowed outdoors with supervision. 


Because Birman cats are affectionate, they are happiest with a companion. They can also get lonely very quickly if there is no mental stimulation. Boredom and stress can quickly turn into separation anxiety. Therefore, if you think of leaving a cat alone for more than a day, you must get them a companion.

Make sure you are exercising your cat before leaving her on its own. As long as your Birman cat has the companionship of another pet animal or person and ample living space, she should be fine without your constant presence.

But remember to constantly assess your Birman cat for changes in behavior that could hint at unhappiness. I tried my best to give you all the information around the question: can Birman cats be left alone? If you like this article, consider sharing it.

Your share will help many people learn that they shouldn’t leave their cats alone. They will also learn about the consequences of leaving a cat alone and how to do it. Check out our other article on Birman cat care also; take care and goodbye.

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