blue point birman cat

Deciding on a breed to bring into your home is a complicated process. It is crucial to do some research to make sure that the Birman is the right cat for you.

This is to ensure that you can provide your new kitty with everything they may need. Birman cats are well known for their looks and their relaxed and calm behavior.

But there are other factors that you need to consider before deciding on any breed of cat. One of these is the potential for a health pro

The Birman is predominantly white, but it will have patterns and points. These will come in different hues and colors. One of the most notable color variations is the blue point Birman cat.

This is a unique coloring that can make your Birman extra hypnotic and mesmerizing.

Bluepoint Birman cat origin

Blue Point Birman Cat

The origin of the breed is a subject of speculation and mystery which increase their popularity. There are no specific records of the origin of the Birman cats, but this mystery gives these amazing felines added intrigue.

Bluepoint Birman cat Breed

It is said that the Birman cat has origins in Burma currently Myanmar where they used to live in temples with priests.

These cats were introduced in France in the early 20th century, which contributed to the spread of the breed worldwide.

France officially recognized the Birman cat in 1925. However, their numbers were severely reduced during the second world war.

At some point they almost became extinct. Attribute it to good luck, but these amazing cats didn’t die out. Instead, they repopulated their numbers over the next few decades.

This breed was officially recognized in England and America in the 1960s. They were introduced to cat lovers in both countries in the 1950s.

Birman cat personality and temperament

Blue point Birman cats are notable for their calm and loving personality. They are amazing companions and are the perfect family pet.

Hypoallergenic Non-Shedding blue point Birman Cat Breeds

Blue Point Birman Cat

The Best Cat Breeds for Children

blue point Birman cats are affectionate to their owners and enjoy affection in return. It is not hard to love them, considering the beauty and appeal of the breed.

Birmans are notable for their intelligence which makes them a good choice if you are interested in training your feline baby.

They are also extremely curious cats which means they are never fearful when meeting strangers and are suited for households with children and other animals.

Birman cat weight

These cats are a medium-size breed. Their weight can be anywhere from 6 to 12 pounds. Similar to most breeds, the males are slightly bigger and heavier than females.

Birman cat colors

Blue point Birman cats will have color points meaning they are generally white but they will be darker on the extremities and will have points such as in the face, feet, and tail areas.

For a Birman cat’s color to develop fully, it can take up to 18 months.

The color points of these cats can vary hugely. It includes seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream as well as tabby patterns and tortie.

Despite this range of colors there are a couple of physical characteristics that are prevalent among all blue point Birman cats. Namely, they will have white feet and mesmerizing blue eyes.

Common questions about blue point Birman cat

Blue Point Birman Cat

Is the Birman cat hypoallergenic?

One issue that turns people off from keeping cats as pets is allergies. Cats can cause allergic reactions because of a specific protein present in their skin, saliva, and urine.

These allergens will spread throughout your house as tiny debris that flaked from skin or dander.

The presence of these allergens can stay for months, which means people can be affected even after the cat has been removed from the premises.

Every cat produces this allergen even the most hypoallergenic cats; however, they will produce less of it.

Getting a hypoallergenic cat is crucial and may even minimize allergic reactions. The effects can vary from person to person.

Are Birman cats considered hypoallergenic?

Bluepoint Birman cats will have medium to long silky fur. They will have no undercoat. Meaning there is less susceptibility to forming knots and mats compared to other cats such as Persians.

Since Birman cats don’t have an undercoat, the fur they shed is minimized. They will have fewer dander compared to other breeds. But they are not the top official hypoallergenic cat breed. Meaning, if you are susceptible to having cat allergies, you may be better off choosing a different breed.

Blue point Birman cat health problems

Unfortunately, health problems are something that should be taken into consideration when you get your pet cat.

It is crucial to make sure that you are prepared to shell out costs for vet bills and other illnesses that may occur.

Unfortunately, blue point Birman cats are prone to certain health problems. Most commonly, they are vulnerable to Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM.

This is a heart disease that affects the left ventricle, which prevents the proper pumping of blood.

The specific cause of this disease is a mystery, although genetic mutations and predispositions are considered a root cause meaning the disease may be genetically inherited.

Because of this, it is crucial to choose a good and reputable breeder when purchasing a Birman cat to minimize the chances of these genetic problems.

It is crucial to have regular checkups with your vet to make sure that your Birman cat is always healthy and happy as much as possible throughout its life.

Birman cat lifespan

Unlike material goods, cats are not a short-term luxury. When you purchase a brand-new kitten, you have to be prepared to maintain and care for it for the rest of its life.

A blue point Birman cat that is healthy can live up to 12 to 16 years. Meaning these fantastic-looking felines will be part of your family for a long time.

Blue point Birman cat price

The price of a Birman kitten can vary depending on your chosen breeder. When you purchase a Birman kitten, it can cost you anywhere between $400-$600 which may seem like a lot of money, but it is a small price to pay for such an exotic looking cat that can be a loving member of your family.

But costs will not end there, because you will also need to look into pet insurance and also factor in care and maintenance costs like food and vaccinations in the early stages of their life.

Blue point Birman cat breeders

It is crucial to choose a reputable breeder for your kitten, and it is an important process where you should invest time and research.

Find a breeder who takes good care of the cats they are breeding by giving them good living conditions and making sure their parents will have a good medical history.

There should never be a family history of HCM. The absence of this predisposition will ensure that your cat will grow up to be healthy and strong, with minimal chances of developing genetically related problems.

It is crucial to choose a good breeder by looking at reviews and asking them tons of questions about the kitten you will be purchasing and the other cats being bred in their cattery.

It is considered a good sign if your breeder asks you questions. If they are interested in the background of their buyers, it suggests that they want their kittens to have a good home and are after its welfare.

Birman cat kitten

Birman cat kittens are amazing to look at; they have white fur and deep sapphire blue eyes. Their color should start to be obvious at around a week.

The Birman’s colors aren’t fully developed until they are around two years old so prepare yourself when your cat changes dramatically after you bring it home.

Birman cat rescue

One option is to look at rescue centers. Saving a cat from a rescue is a rewarding way to get a pet in your life. However, the tradeoff is you won’t have your cat from its earliest age.

However, this is a really good option for cat lovers who don’t necessarily want to raise a kitten.

When you rehome older cats that have been neglected or unwanted a rescue is a brilliant way to make sure that your cat will get a good life.

It is also a suitable alternative if you want your cat but doesn’t want to experience the unlimited energies and misdemeanor of kittens.

Before getting cats from rescue, make sure that you are prepared for the cat. It is a big decision, and it is not fair to the cat that has been abandoned when their owners are not prepared.

Birman cat mix

Birmans are becoming popular, and so are their mixed-breed offspring.

Mixing breeds is a complex and delicate procedure since it is crucial to minimize the appearance of defective genes or health problems.

Once again, ensure that you choose a trustworthy breeder who mixes breeds. Cats must have zero hereditary issues from either parent breed.

An especially well-known choice for Birman mix crosses with the Persian cat. People adore the pointed color on the Persians long and luxurious coats.

Is the blue point Birman cat the best cat for you?

These amazing-looking felines will have a very easy-going personality and adore receiving affection as much as they love giving it.

They are highly intelligent and curious cats that can live with families or a single owner who has other pets.

Blue point Birman cat will have potential health issues, and you should only purchase a kitten from a breeder who is incredibly careful in checking the health of the cat’s parents.

As long as you are prepared for a thorough investigation with your breeder, a Birman cat is a good choice.

Standards of blue point Birman cat


The Birman should be penalized when it has a white color that does not run across the front paws in a continuous line. The absence of white on all front toes should also be observed. If the head resembles a Persian or Siamese, it is also a cause for downgrade.

Check if the bone structure is robust. It should not have a delicate structure. Examine white patches on the stomach and chest. There might be laces on one or both gloves.

Check the presence of white patches beyond the metacarpal pad. The metacarpal pad is the highest point on the pad had on the middle of the back of the front part just above the third joint and just beneath the wrist bones.


Birmans can be disqualified if there is a total lack of white gloves on either paw. Look for a kinked or abnormal tail. Feel the cat’s body for structural defects or abnormalities.

They might be cross-eyed. Check for the correct number of toes. There must be areas of pristine white on the points if it is not connected to the gloves or part of the extension of the gloves.

Paw pads are considered part of the gloves. There should be white areas connected to other areas of white by paw pads, and this will not be a cause for disqualification.

Check for several areas of point color in the gloves if not connected to color points on the legs. There should be a white expanse on the back legs just beyond the hock.

Disqualify totally for eye colors other than blue and the presence of whitetail tips or chin spots.


The chin should be strong and fully developed with the lower jaw having a perpendicular line with the upper lip.


They should be medium in length and be almost as wide at the base as it is tall. It should have a point at the tip and be fixed as much to the side as into the top of the head.


The eyes should be rounded with a soft expression and set apart in an ideal distance with the corners tilted subtly upward. The eyes should be blue in color, the deeper and more vivid shade of blue, the better.


The body should belong and be robust with good and firm muscles beneath the skin. Females are smaller than males.


The legs should be medium in length and heavy.


The paws should be large, rounded, and firm. Count five toes in front and four behind.


The Birman’s tail is ideally medium in length and should be a pleasing proportion to the rest of the body


The coat can be medium to extremely long and must be silken in texture. A heavy ruff should accent the neck and must be slightly curly on the abdominal area.

The fur should feel smooth with no presence of gnarls or mats.

Coloring standards of blue point birman cat


The body should have bluish-white to pale ivory which shades gently to almost white on the abdominal area and chest. The pale body coat is ideal and should be free from anybody markings.

But the body shading of light stripes toning down to a point is acceptable. Points should occur in areas except for the gloves.

The blue points should stand out on the light beige background. Solid markings should be present on the back of the hind legs, and they must be solid blue.

The tail colors with the exemption of the rings should be blue.

Nose leather

The leathery nose should be pale in color with an eye line of blue to tone and complement the points. A solid color nose leather to match the point color is also acceptable.


The body should be bluish-white to clear white that shades gently to almost white on the abdominal area and chest. There should be points except for the glove.

The blue markings should be prominent on the light beige background overlaid and intermingled with light and dark cream shades.

Nose leather

The leathery textured nose is pink, mottled pink, and blue or solid blue.


The body should be mottled bluish-white to clear white and shade gently to almost white on the stomach area and chest.

Points are present except for the gloves, and there should be a slate blue mottle with cream.

Nose leather

The leathery nose should complement one or both point colors.

Final Thoughts

A Birman is a calm and amazing companion cat. Aside from its temperament, the Birman has a standout appearance that increases your pride, especially when you take it for walks outside.

The Birman can invite second looks and curiosity from people that you meet because it is such a unique cat. A blue point Birman cat is especially attractive.

Be prepared to be a stage parent when you strut with this feline who is the star of the show.

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