Birman Cat Vs Burmese

Birman and Burmese cats have a lot in common that is unusual to be conflicted over and surprising to learn. Whether you are a cat lover or looking to adopt one of these breeds, make sure you know all the perks of having each breed.

Each feline has its unique attributes and traits. Therefore if you are having problems deciding which to bring home, this is the article for you. Before looking at key differences between Birman Cat Vs Burmese, let’s learn: are Birman cats and Burmese cats the same? 

Are Birman And Burmese Cats The Same?

No, Birman cats and Burmese cats are not the same. Both have very distinct features and appearances. Talking about personality, both carry similar traits, but Birman cats are more shy, fearful, skittish, and laid back than Burmese cats.

With an impressive look, Burmese cats look amazing, but Birman cats glittering Blue eyes are astounding. The Burmese cats are a very social and friendly breed with high intelligence levels. This is the breed for you if you want a feline that can mess with most families.

On the other hand, Birman cats are another color point feline with a pale cream to white coat over their body and colored points. At a very first glance, anyone can tell both the breed apart. However, let’s first discuss what makes them distinctive from one another.

Birman Cat Vs. Burmese: 7 Key Differences

Birman Cat Vs Burmese: Appearance

The coat of a Birman cat tends to be long and silky, whereas Burmese cats have shorter hair that is smooth. Adding to this, a Burmese cat comes in many similar but few different rare colors that aren’t available with Birman cats. Colors like sable, champagne, and platinum are available in Burmese cats.

Regarding pattern, the Burmese cats come with the tortoiseshell solid color pattern, whereas Birmam cats have a dotted but mitten pattern. Both breeds required standard grooming practices. It would help if you brushed both breeds once a week to keep their coats free from knotting and matting.

Talking about shedding, both species will shed less in the shedding season compared to their counterparts. The Burmese cat loves to peek at the world around her and her favorite places, like windows with a sweeping view of the vast outside world.

Birman Cat Vs Burmese: Personality

The Birman cats have a long history of selective breeding that guarantees you the best feline to fulfill a companion cat role. This breed is amiable but shy. Therefore, if you are looking for a cat that loves to play but doesn’t have a strong instinct to hunt, this is the one to go for.

On the other hand, Burmese cats tend to be curious, clever, and friendly. As per breed standards, Burmese cats are blessed with sweet expressions. They can be a perfect match if socialized and raised well. They are very playful and delighted to participate in your kids’ playing sessions.

Fascinating nature can sometimes lead these breeds or their owner into trouble. But with proper supervision, they only need a little attention paid to them. Birman Cats always look to get along with people, strangers, and pets like dogs and cats. It is essential to socialize Birman cats sensibly.

Birman Cat Vs Burmese: Specific Needs

A Birman cat is more suitable for senior citizens, people living in an apartment, or sharing space. On the other hand, a Burmese cat is ideal for people looking for outgoing felines who enjoy playing games and are active at home.

The Burmese cats are highly functional, independent, and curious, whereas Birman cats are dependent and sociable. Both breeds are always up for spending time with their loved ones. Burmese cats are a very talkative breed compared to their counterparts.

However, both are great for family and can be left alone regularly for a few hours. Always remember that they need a calm environment. A Birman cat is great for a relaxed home and can be left alone even for a week if there is a companion or another pet. Both breeds are a low-maintenance cat that requires grooming once in a while.

Birman Cat Living With Burmese: Outdoors Or Indoors

Burmese cats are not suited to an utterly indoor life because of their curious nature. Sometimes this personality is enough for them to land themselves in serious trouble. Therefore, you should only get a Burmese cat if you have a secure outdoor space, like cat-proof fences covering your yard.

This is something you should take seriously into your consideration because of their dynamic nature. If Burmese cats feel stress, they potentially destroy things around them. If there is a lack of necessary space to climb, Play, jump, explore, and run, Burmese cats will become stressed very soon.

Now talking about a Birman cat, they are more for an indoor home. They can be kept purely indoors in a spacious home. They are also suitable for small apartments but only if enough mental estimation is available.

As Birman cats are said to be too laid back breed who cope outdoors, it is best to keep them in. Plus, it would help to consider many things before getting your Birman cat outdoors because of the risk of exposing your feline to potential threats.

Birman Cat With Burmese: Suitability

If you are looking for a friendly, active, and curious feline who can actively roam, play and perform in your large home with secure gardens, a Burmese cat is the one for you.

Only get a Burmese cat if your kids are old enough to respect an animal’s boundary and space while interacting with or handling them appropriately. Even though Burmese cats struggle if left alone for longer, they can do well if there is company.

But Birman cats can fulfill the dream of having a cat for those with little kids. A Birman cat is an affectionate and wonderful family pet who will get along with any age. Birman cats thrive on human attention and always crave their loved ones, so they should be given a fair amount of play attention and grooming. 

Birman Cat And Burmese: History

The history or origin of a Birman cat is relatively unknown and hazy. According to legend, Birman’s cat got Blue eyes and coat color due to the devotion to his priest, who used to worship a blue-eyed goddess.

According to belief, the goddess turned the Birman cat’s eyes blue and coated cold in but left their paws white. Thus, this white paw is said to be a symbol of purity. Talking about the history of Burmese cats, they originated in Burma but were first known in the UK around the 1800s.

There was a time when Burmese cats were viral until Siamese entered. The Siamese cats outcompeted the Burmese cats in terms of popularity. Fortunately, several Burmese cats, later taken from Burma to the United States in late 1930, share the same genetics found in today’s Burmese cats.

Birman Cat Or Burmese: Enrichment

Clicking your Burmese cats is essential as they are particularly suitable for this type of training. On the other hand, Birman cats always look to be involved in whatever you are doing. In most cases, Birman cats have been seen to act in a supervisory role.

Regarding mental estimation, Burmese cats will need a lot of company to interact and play with. But with Birman cats, you can expect stealing of pens, small tools, or your closed belongings just for your attention.


I hope I have given you all the essential details to decide what breed will suit your need. If you are looking for a species suitable for kids, a Birman cat is more compatible than a Burmese cat. However, get a Burmese cat if you want a more outgoing, interested, and curious cat.

Whatever you get, make sure you are prepared. I gave my best to give you all the information regarding the difference between a Birman cat and a Burmese cat. Check our other article on Birman cats care. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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