9 Birman Cat Facts

Birman cats are endlessly fascinating, and I have some hard facts to prove to you. If you like reading and learning random Birman Cat Facts that can help impress your colleagues, you have come to the right article. 

You may want to adopt a cat and are looking to learn fascinating information about this breed. No matter the reason, I’ve compiled a list of exciting and random Birman cat facts that any cat enthusiast would love to know.

9 Birman Cat Facts

#1 They Are Popular For Their Mesmerizing Blue Eyes.

Did you know Birman cat comes with glittering and mesmerizing big blue eyes that are hard to resist? Almost all cat lovers and enthusiasts are drawn to their glossy Blue eyes. If you have never seen a Birman cat, you should visit them. Besides having blue eyes, they are very gentle, affectionate, and playful. 

They are perfect as family cats. Again coming to the eyes color, the blue color doesn’t affect Birman’s eyesight or cause any other issues. The truth is that Blue eyes are caused due to the lack of pigment development in the cat’s eye. 

Almost all Birman kittens are born with blue eyes that they keep forever. The blue color in a cat’s eyes is not uncommon. A cat’s rare type of eye coloring is known as dichromatic, which features a combination of two distinct colors within both eyes.

#2 They Have A Mythical Origin Story. 

Did you know that the Birman cat has a mythical origin story? Yes, you heard it right! They are said to have originated from Burma. In Burma, a priest used to keep a sacred companion cat. Later on, that cat turned into the actual modern color of Birman. The reason behind Birman developing their current coloration is said to be:

The priest with a yellow-eyed cat with long white hair used to worship the golden goddess of the temple, “Tsun-Kyan-use.” In addition, the golden goddess herself had Deep Blue eyes. One day a few people attacked the temple and left the priest to die. 

When the priest died, the secret cat placed her feet on his master, and suddenly the cat’s white fur took on a golden cast. The cat’s eye also turns blue, just like the eyes of the goddess. Not only that, the cat’s face, legs, and tails also turn into the color of the earth. 

But their paws remain white because she touched her master with them. From that day, the white pause of the Birman cat is seen as a symbol of purity. A week later, the cat also died, taking the soul of her master to Paradise.

#3 They’re Also Popular For Their Soft Coat That Shed Less And are Easy To Groom

Did you know the Birman cat comes in a soft, silky coat with medium-length hair? You’re less likely to come across any mat while brushing a Birman cat. Their skin is also effortless to care for. Looking at this breed, a person may think it requires much grooming in the first place, but it doesn’t. 

You don’t need any specific tool to brush out your undercoat. The texture of the silky coat will resist all kinds of mating and Knotting. Brushing your cat’s coat once a week will free her hair and fur from dead hairs and skin cells.

#4 No One Quite Knows Where Birman Comes From.

After knowing that this Birman breed is sometimes also known as the sacred cat of Burma, we still need to learn that Birman even originated in Burma. No trace record or documentation exists to support this kind of theory. 

However, some records say this breed was brought to France and England in the early 1900s. And now, Most of today’s Birman cat origin can be tracked to these countries. In 1967, the Birman cat was brought to the United States and was formally recognized as a breed by the cat fanciers association.

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#5 Birman Was Almost Extinct But Made A Heroic Comeback.

Surprisingly Birman was almost extinct, but fortunately, they made a heroic comeback. In World war 2, Birman cats almost became extinct. At that period, only two cats were known to be alive at the war’s end. In Europe, a pair of Birman cats became a new foundation of this breed. 

Later, they were extensively crossed with other long hair cats to restore the original Birman cat until the 1950s. In the early 1950s, pure Birmans were successfully produced. 

Because the Birman breed was nearly lost and recreated, many claims that Birman cats come from Burma’s temples, while others claim that they were entirely manufactured in France using black & white long hair and Siamese. Whatever the reality is, today, the Birman cat is one of the most popular pet cats in the world.

#6 They have A Lookalike.

It can be a challenge when you have to differentiate between a Himalayan cat and a Birman cat. Both breeds have many similarities and features that are attractive. Birman cats and Himalayan cats are entirely the same in terms of personality. 

However, Himalayan cats are a bit shy compared to Birman regarding sociability. In addition to that, Himalayan cats are less outgoing compared to Birman. However, both are well-known & popular for being calm, loving, affectionate, and devoted family members. In addition, the Birman cat is rarer than a Himalayan cat, so you might have to dig a little bit online or ask nearby to source one as a pet.

#7 They’re Great For First-time Cat Owners.

If you are a first-time cat owner, this is your breed. In reality, the Birman cat was bred to be a close companion cat for families. If you are looking to have a pet around your kids, then Birman is good to go. This cat will acclimate and love being in most households with ease. They’re also trainable and can perform tricks for you. 

They are also an entertaining, active, and outgoing breed that is not shy in front of strangers. All these make them a popular choice for first-time cat owners. They are not only low-maintenance cats but also easy to care for. They don’t have many grooming requirements. With fluffy and soft coats, you will love to spend time with yourself and your family. 

#8 Birmans Are Great For A Relaxed Home.

Birman cats are great for Apartment living and a relaxed home. If you have a comfortable home and want to adopt a Birman, make sure you play with your Birman for at least one hour every day. 

They are very active cat breeds, so they will need lots of toys to keep them entertained. It is recommended to provide some chew toys that help them exercise their teeth and jaws. You can also get a toy that can make your Birman cat work to get a hidden treat kept inside. 

#9 Surprisingly, Birmans Come In 20 Different Colours.

Interestingly, Birman cats come in 20 shades and paint colors, including the classic color of the seal, blue, and lilac. Usually, most Birman cats have four primary coat colors: seal point, blue point, Lilac point, and chocolate point. However, you are likely to encounter a Birman cat in any of the following beautiful colors:

  • Blue Point
  • Blue-cream Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Chocolate-tortie Point
  • Cream Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Lilac-cream Point
  • Red Point
  • Seal Point
  • Seal-tortie Point
  • Blue Tabby Point
  • Blue-cream Tabby Point
  • Chocolate Tabby Point
  • Chocolate-tortie Tabby Point
  • Cream Tabby Point
  • Lilac Tabby Point
  • Lilac-cream Tabby Point
  • Red Tabby Point
  • Seal Tabby Point
  • Seal-tortie Tabby Point


I hope you got to know some interesting facts about a Birman cat. In this article, I have tried my best to give you the nine most exciting Birman cat facts after doing hours and hours of research. The Birman cat is gentle and sweet in nature and social and gets along with almost everyone. 

They are not shy like most cat breeds. In reality, Birmans are so social that they even hate being left alone. It is always recommended to bring two Birman cats or provide some mental stimulation. They are perfect for families with kids or first-time owners. 

Birmans always look for a companion to cuddle and hang out with. They are very tolerant and patient cats, making them a wonderful playmate for kids who know how to handle them with respect and gently. Birman cats are inquisitive and playful and follow you from room to room. 

The Birman cat looks for opportunities where she can help with whatever you happen to be doing. I have tried my best to give you all the information about Birman cat facts. Please share this article to make our future generation and students aware of these fantastic random facts. Also, check our other article on Birman cats care, and see you in the next post. Till then, take care and goodbye. 9 Birman Cat Facts

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