Birman Cat Breeders Near Me

If you are ready to share your life with a cat choosing the Birman breed is an excellent choice. Birmans have one of the best cat personalities if you are the type who would want a more sociable cat.

They are adorable since they are loyal to their owners and always follow them around. You can expect a lot of cuddles and affection from your Birman breed.

If you are out to adopt this purebred cat, you may start asking where are the Birman cat breeders near me. The Birman is a rare breed, so you may need to research to find breeders.

If you do find a breeder, it will be good to check if you are getting a high-quality cat. Is your breeder reputable? It is not enough that you’ve found finally found a Birman cat.

Reputable Birman Cat Breeders Near me


Birman Cat Breeders Near Me

If you are set on buying a purebred cat, whether it is a Birman or some other cat you will need to deal with Birman cat breeders near me. Adoption is also an option, and you can also get a high-quality cat this way. Picking a good breeder can be tricky, and you should do your research to ensure you will have a good quality cat. It is crucial that you get an ethical and reputable breeder. Make a list of breeders who offer the breed you’re looking for. Do a little research to see what their reputations are.

You can get good references and information from cat societies, friends with cats and vets. Once you’ve found out that a certain Birman cat Breeders near me has a bad reputation, you can cross them off your list.

 Website references

Another thing to consider is if your breeder has a website or references online. People who buy from breeders will be proud to show off their purchase on a blog or pet website.

It will be good if the website has reviews showing the cats’ pictures and stories as adults.

Registered Breeders

A Birman cat breeders near me must be registered. You will have better chances of getting a healthy, well-conditioned cat with pure bloodlines.

Cat mills have miserable conditions, and you ill be contributing to the existence of these mills if you buy from them.  Plus, these mills produce pets with a lot of medical problems.

Visit the Breeder

When you talk to a breeder, you will sense that they love cats passionately and know a lot of information about them.

Remember that those who are breeding only for the money will have very little care for their cats and keep them in squalid and inhumane conditions.

It is essential to visit each Birman cat breeders near me to see the state of their cattery personally. You should see cats and kittens that are kept in clean, comfortable, and in safe surroundings.

If you buy a cat from a breeder who doesn’t keep a cat in optimal conditions, you may end up paying more than you bargained for in vet bills.

Congenital Defects

It is a fact that purebreds may have congenital defects. This is a result of breeding to get the ideal physical standards.

Do research of your chosen breed online and see what congenital defects they are most vulnerable to. When you have your information, ask your breeder how they are able to avoid the defects in their litter.

If the breeder is honest, they will tell you about the breed’s faults and what you can expect from their cattery’s bloodlines.

Infectious Diseases

Kittens and cats can be exposed to infectious diseases, and it is crucial that they get tested. A responsible breeder will have records to prove that their cats are disease-free. 

Cats catching diseases is normal, no matter how well they’re looked after. However, it is crucial to know if a breeder is giving sick cats proper care.

Do they separate them from the healthy ones? A reputable Birman cat breeders near me will also recommend a vet for your kitten once you’ve taken your pet home or even before you buy it.

Birman Cat Breeders Near Me- Birman History and Qualities


Birman Cat Breeders Near Me

The origin of the Birman links them to mixture of Siamese and other long-haired cats. The breed is said to have originated from Southeast Asia as a mixture of the mentioned breeds. There is an anecdote that it has been born in France from cats imported by two Frenchmen, who were given a pair of temple cats in 1919 as a reward for helping priests. The cats were shipped to France and were recognized as the sacred Birman.

The Birman was then first imported to the United States in 1959 and were documented by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1967. Birmans have since been recognized by different associations all over the world.


Birmans typically weigh 6 to 12 pounds.


Birmans are a type of breed that gives you the best traits of similar breeds. Siamese cats have a beautiful pointed pattern, but you may not like their voice.

A Birman has the color patterns of the Siamese but is a more docile and quieter cat. They love people. Birman cats will follow their owners around.

A Birman is curious about everything you do, so expect them to be involved in what you’re doing and hang around near you. They are, however, not as domineering like Siamese cats.

However, you should know that the Birman is one smart cat. Docile is not dumb. Birmans are smart cats and very curious.

They are explorers and love going in nooks and crannies in their environment. They are known to get trapped underneath floors or go on a daredevil ride on tops of cars.

It is a good idea to always keep an eye on your Birman lest they get into trouble.

The Birman communicates in a soft voice. They may start purring, perhaps to remind you to feed them when it is time for dinner.

Birmans also start communicating when they want a nice cuddle on the sofa. They enjoy being held and will lay in your arms like a furball.


Pedigreed cats like the Birman are predisposed to varying health problems that may be genetic. Some Birman health problems include the following:

Congenital hypotrichosis

This type of disease may cause a Birman to be born with no hair. It is accompanied by thymic aplasia, which is a deficiency in the immune system that leads to an increased risk of infection and death. These conditions are rare.

Corneal dermoid

This type of disease is typified by the presence of skin and hair on the surface of the cornea of one or both eyes. This is usually not serious and can be cured through surgery.

Spongiform degeneration

This disease is a progressive wasting disease of the CNS. The cat may experience weakness and problems with its movement.

Quivering and trembling

This symptom normally happens in kittens. This symptom starts in some kittens when they are about ten days old and continues until they are a few weeks old. The cause of this symptom is unknown, but recovery happens spontaneously.

Unusually high concentrations of urea and creatinine in the blood

This type of condition points to some dysfunction in the kidney organs.



A Birman may have a long coat, but it doesn’t mat easily. Combing it weekly is enough. Do this to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils.

Birmans tend to shed their coat in the spring, so you may want to comb more frequently in this season since there is more loose hair.

Give your Birman a warm bath to loosen and remove the shedding coat. Carefully wet the cat and use a hand-held shower nozzle. It is safe to immerse the Birman in a tub of water.

Teeth, nails, ears, and eye care

Help your Birman avoid periodontal disease by brushing their teeth regularly. Daily dental hygiene is crucial. Even a weekly brushing is better than nothing.

Cut the nails every two weeks. Clean the corners of the Birman’s eyes with a slightly wet soft cloth to remove any dirt and discharge.

Use a separate towel for each eye to avoid the spreading any infection. Check the ears weekly. If ears are dirty, clean them with a cotton or cloth. Use water and vinegar solution. Do not use cotton swabs, which can damage the interior of the ear.

Litter Box

Regularly clean your cat’s litter box. Cats are fussy about the cleanliness of their bathroom. A clean litter box will also help to keep the coat clean as well.


It is a better idea to keep a Birman as an indoor-only cat. Keeping your cat indoors will protect him from diseases from other animals, attacks by dogs, and other wild animals.

There are other dangers as well, such as being hit by a car. They also run the risk of being stolen by someone who would like to have such a beautiful cat or who would resell them for a profit.

Coat Color and Grooming

Birman Cat Breeders Near Me

The Birman has an amazingly silky, medium-length coat in the same pointed pattern as the Siamese. The color is darker on the face, ears, legs, and tail.

Birmans have a broad, rounded head with medium-size ears. One of their assets are their bright blue eyes that give them a mesmerizing expression.

The four white feet give them the appearance of wearing little white socks. Birmans are a medium-size to large cat with a stocky, powerful body that contradicts his gentle demeanor.

There is no undercoat in the Birman, which means that it won’t mat. They have a heavy fur around the neck and with wavy curls on the belly.


The Birman’s coloring is pale. It varies in shade depending on the cat’s main color. The Birman has distinct darker points.

A seal point is a Birman that has a body that is a pale yellow to cream color with a warm tone. It gradually diffuses to a shade lighter in color on the belly and chest.

The points are a deep seal brown. On the front and back paws are white socks ending in an even line over the paw.

On the back paws, the markings continue behind the leg. These markings are called laces are called laces. It ends in a point.

In competitions, the evenness of the socks and laces are a crucial factor and may mean the difference between a kitten going on to win a show or being merely a pet.

Other Color points

Birmans don’t only come in seal point. They also come in blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, and other varieties of color point.

Lynx point Birmans have a clearly defined M shaped mark on the head. They have light markings that look like eyeglasses around the eyes and spotted whisker pads.  The legs and tail have banded colors and rings.

Children and Other Pets

Birmans are friendly and get along well with children and dogs. They also socialize well with other cats.

The Birman cat loves the attention they receive from children who treat them gently and with respect. If you like dressing up your pets, a Birman is very cooperative and will even ride a baby stroller. 

Birmans will enjoy sharing a home with cat-friendly dogs, too, thanks to his amiable disposition. Introduce new pets slowly to ensure that they learn to get along together.

Final Thoughts


Having a pet will enrich your life since the unconditional love they give is very therapeutic and increases well-being.

You can rely on your Birman to always give you positive vibes and much love. Get a Birman from reputable Birman cat breeders near me and get a healthy cat that will spend loving and happy years with you.

You will find that getting a Birman will uplift you in times when you are down and will provide you a reason to have something to smile about no matter how stressful your day has been.

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