Cats love you, and they love being in your home, which they consider their castle. However, cats will occasionally have the overwhelming need to go outside. The reasons are many and varied. They may be trailing a potential mate. They saw a scrumptious bird they want to eat, or maybe they just want to hang out with the neighborhood cats. Whether you allow your cat outdoors occasionally or have a strictly indoor cat, it is essential to put on them the best cat GPS collar. Even if you have gotten your cat micro-chipped, a cat collar with GPS capability can help to track your cat so much easier if they have wandered far off or if it is simply time to get them back home for dinner.

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Best cat GPS collar–Who Should Buy

Best Cat GPS Collar

Some owners allow their cats to venture outside. There are also cases where cats may slip outside without you noticing it. These cats can get potentially lost, and you need a GPS tracker to trace their location. If you have just moved to a new neighborhood, your cat may get confused with their surroundings. You need to put on a GPS cat collar on them to make sure that they are not lost from becoming disoriented with their surroundings. Indoor cats also need GPS trackers. If they get frightened over something such as loud thunderstorms, they may seek safer places, even if it means going outside.

In certain cases, some cats simply love going outside, and owners give them cat enclosures to keep them satisfied. These enclosures give cats a sense of being outdoors while being confined in a safe area. Harnesses are also good for acts if you can train them to wear one. No matter what precautions you do however, a GPS is still a good idea because cats are escape artists, and they can easily slip away.

Important Features to Consider in best cat GPS collar

It is important to choose the best cat GPS collar for your female friend. There are some important features to look for in your purchase.

Size and weight

Cats are smaller than dogs, so GPS collars specially made for dogs may not work. Some collars are made for both types of pets, however, since there are also small dogs about the size of cats. Read the descriptions carefully to be sure it will fit your cat.

Clip-on attachments and collars

Some cats are used to their familiar collar and are used to only certain types of collars. They are quite receptive to clip-on attachments. In some cases, a cat may not mind a full collar. Think about your cat’s preferences before choosing a particular design.

Reliable, accurate tracking is essential

It is crucial to note that tracking is not as effective as microchipping and close supervision. Cat trackers do give you a warning about where your cat is located when your pet is out of sight. A reliable tracker will help you know the location of your cat. It will show you how far they are from home and which direction you should take to find them.

Long battery life is crucial to a good tracker. It must have reliable connections and have the long-range capacity. These features will help you find your cat, whether they are sleeping on your porch or are blocks away.

The best trackers are straightforward, and have easy to use receivers

The best trackers will help you locate your cat easily. It will be compatible with a phone app or come with a standalone handheld module. These accompaniments should be easy to use.

For instance, apps must have simulated fences or zones. The system should go off and alert your cat when they are straying from the safe area. You can customize these fences. You can follow the lines along your backyard or other areas and designate them as safety zones.

Three tracking technologies in best cat GPS collar–GPS, Radio Frequency, and Bluetooth.

GPS Cat Trackers

GPS stands for Global Positioning System (GPS). This system is global navigation that utilizes the technology of satellites. It provides location data to receivers around the planet.

If you are looking for the best visual data, GPS is the best. GPS will have a map where you can locate your cat. The detection range is the longest compare to other products on the market. GPS stretches from miles and can transmit these signals to your phone.

Your app is connected to these trackers. Via your app, you can create safe zones, and know your cat’s activity. You can also view your cat’s real-time location on a map. Some even come with a health tracker for your cat. It can give you daily reports about your cat’s calories, rest hours, and so much more.

GPS trackers certainly make your life easier with its high-tech features, but they are not perfect. Since GPS work with satellites, if something blocks the transmission, it will not work. These trackers don’t work indoors. They can be unreliable if there are trees, heavy clouds in the sky, and areas where there are thick brush.

Another downside to GPS trackers is they tend to be bulky and heavy. It may cause discomfort in some cats. Most GPS devices are only appropriate for cats who are more than seven pounds.

GPS also has the highest price point on the market and can cost up to 200 dollars. These trackers require monthly charges and a data plan that can run up to ten dollars monthly.

Best Cat GPS Collar

Radio Frequency (RF) Cat Trackers

Radio frequency is a different type of tracker and often comes with a receiver that will receive the radio waves. This receiver will detect your cat’s radio transmission. 

If it starts beeping and lighting up, this means your cat’s transmitter is within range—the signal changes when you move closer to your cat, indicating that you are in the right direction.

Radio frequency tackers can track only up to a few centimeters, but unlike GPS trackers, they can work indoors and outdoors. They also have no trouble with dense undergrowth, floors, walls, and other obstructions. These radio devices are also comparably light and long-lasting. They will stay strong and powered for months.

Despite all their strengths, radio frequency trackers only have basic functions compared to most sophisticated GPS trackers.  

If your cat is missing, they won’t alert you. There is no visual guide as to where your cat is on a map. Plus, they work on short-range of only barely over a thousand feet away. You need a lot of trial and error if you are going to locate a missing cat.

Radio frequency trackers are relatively affordable and normally cost one hundred dollars.

Bluetooth Cat Trackers

Bluetooth cat trackers have a few advantages. These devices are affordable and lightweight. The battery life lasts for months instead of a few hours. However, their advantages end with these two features. They are not the best option, and they only track within a range of 300 feet. Because of this, a Bluetooth may only help you track a cat that is mainly kept indoors or within house premises. You will know when your cat is under the bed or playing on the porch. If they stray much farther away, a Bluetooth tacker won’t be much help. 

Top 3 best cat GPS collar

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Runners Up

[su_service title=”Talis-us Pet GPS Tracker” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Talis-us Pet GPS Tracker

This best cat GPS collar is another great choice for cat owners who want to secure their cats. Unlike other GPS locators, a cellular connection I not required with this product. There are also no monthly fees. You only need a sim card, and you can track your cat.

The tracking collar will alert you if your cat is lost. Strangers who have picked up your cat can see the lights and keep them safe or turn them over to authorities. A fitness and activity monitoring system also comes with this tracker. The battery is long-lasting and can be powered on for up to 12 hours. If your cat is truly lost, you will have plenty of time to locate them.  

[su_service title=”Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Loc8tor Pet Handheld

This best cat GPS collar has features that will be good to consider. It is extremely small, giving your cat ultimate comfort. Your cat may not even notice they have a tracker on. It only weighs 5 grams

The handset that comes with is also extremely ergonomic and is only the size of a credit card.

Operating it is straightforward and a breeze. Simply put on the locate mode and you will find your cat since the handheld device will guide you

This tracker has an alert system that lets you know if your cat has escaped. Set the safe zones, and if your cat goes beyond the range, you will get a notification. This will give you peace of mind and save you hours of searching for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a GPS tracking collar work?

A GPS helps you track your cat. Tracking collars have sophisticated technology and devices that send signals. It may utilize Bluetooth or some other type of technology. If your cat goes out of range, you will be immediately alerted via for phone app. The features of a tracker vary in different products. Some tackers will fail to let you know that your cat is completely lost or has gone out of range and lost the signal.

Do cats get lost easily?

In most cases, cats really don’t get lost. Indoor cats especially get scared when they venture outside. Strictly indoor cats will have a tendency to get lost because they will search for a safe location and then refuse to leave it. Outdoor cats, on the other hand, have a designated territory they occasionally visit. There are some cases where a cat will become disoriented. In this case, they will get lost and have trouble getting home. If you have moved to a new neighborhood, your cat might try to get back to your old home and lose their way.

Do cats return home?

Best Cat GPS Collar

Cats will eventually come home after going missing for several days. If you put cat food out and place their litter box outside your home, the scent will guide them toward home. A GPS tracking collar can give you a head’s up if your missing cat is already near, which will give you the chance to get them home quicker.

GPS tracker fees, is this for real?

Some GPS tracking collars charge monthly fees. If your collar runs with Bluetooth, it will often not require monthly charges. To avoid surprise charges, check the product description before purchasing it. There may be some advantages to paying a fee such as extra services and better protection that you may consider to be an attractive deal.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to know the location of your cat, especially if they are outside. Best cat GPS collar will help your trace your cat’s whereabouts saving you worry and guesswork. Invest in technology that will give your cat safety so they will be out of harm.

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