Balinese Vs Birman Cat

Balinese Vs. Birman Cat: Even though appearance is a significant factor when considering adopting a pet, you will need to look at individual personalities and specific needs based on particular conditions. It can take a lot of work for beginners to differentiate between both breeds at first glance. If you struggle to tell them apart, you are in the right place. 

In this post, I have written a handy guide to help you learn about the differences between a Balinese cat and a Birman cat. After reading this post, I hope you have a clear idea of how to tell them apart and which breed will make a perfect companion for you and your family members.

Balinese Vs. Birman Cat: 7 Key Differences 


Balinese cats come within an average height of 8-11 inches whereas Birman cats have 8-10 inches of body height. A Birman cat is smaller than a Balinese cat because of their size. In addition, both breeds have a similar length of extended coat.

Talking about its texture, both breed coat texture is silky and resilient to matting. However, a Balinese cat’s skin is more straightforward than a Birman cat’s coat. Talking about the color, Birman cat comes in various colors, including chocolate, seal, red, cinnamon, frost, cream & blue.

On the other hand, Balinese cats also come in the same color variation but not cinnamon only. The pattern of the birdman cat is pointed and mitted, but the Balinese cat’s coat pattern is only suggested. Both are less allergenic.

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Regarding grooming needs, a Birman cat doesn’t need much brushing compared to a Balinese cat. Balinese cats need attention and care on their coat to keep them looking beautiful. Both breeds have blue eyes that look glittering, mesmerizing, and great every time.


If we talk about the personality of Balinese cats, they’re highly vocal cats compared to Birman cats. Birman cats are less talkative and more suitable for apartment living than their counterpart breed. The Balinese cat is more for people who love talking to their pets.

Both need frequent exercise to keep their energy level low. Therefore, providing high perches and cat trees to both of your cats is highly recommended. If not provided, both breeds can exhibit unwanted behavior.

In most cases, Birman cats often suffer separation anxiety and boredom if left alone for an extended amount of time without mental stimulation. On the other hand, Balinese cats tend to be highly active, and if left with pent-up energy, they can be destructive with your belonging in your absence.

Birman cat cats tend to be a people-pleaser breed who can show a bit of jealousy if their loved ones ignore them. Even though Birman cat cats are territorial, they are not overly aggressive. But Balinese cats tend to be very territorial and can pick up a fight with even a canine breed.

All in all, both are suitable for families with kids. If you are looking for a cat breed with a laid-back personality who craves human attention and is loyal to them, a Birman cat is the one to get.

What’s It Like To Live With

Both breeds are large feline and somewhat stocky, to begin with. Birman cats are prone to being overweight and can become obese if fed excessively. On the other hand, Balinese cats can also become obese if they do not exercise properly. Thus, it is essential to provide daily exercise to both of them. If you want to prevent matting, I will advise you to brush your Birman cat coat once a week at least.

On the other hand, Balinese cats will be required to brush to keep their coat matting free frequently. Both breeds are lovely but loving felines who will sit quietly with their loved ones while being petted. Both can be loving companions.

When you own a Birman cat, your neighbor is less likely to notice you have a pet because these felines are incredibly silent. On the other hand, Balinese cats are curious and social and will be noisy no matter if you are home or not. Both love scratching posts and playing with toys. Keeping both breeds mentally stimulated is essential to prevent boredom, depression, and separation anxiety.


The history of a Birman cat is still unknown; they’re said to be an ancient breed that used to live in the temple of Lha Tsun. On the other hand, the Balinese cats originated when the breeder bred two long-haired Siamese and chose to give them a different name. The offspring of long hair Siamese cats are said to be grandparents of today’s Balinese cats.

Trainability, Adaptability & Compatibility 

Both the breeders are intelligent and witty and can be trained to pee and poop in their designated areas. You can also prepare a Birman cat to perform tricks for you because they always look forward to pleasing their loved ones.

On the other hand, Balinese cats don’t take much interest in satisfying their loved ones. Instead, they look for love rather than giving. Talking about adaptability, a Birman cat can adapt to any environment and home.

They are most suitable as an indoor cat for Apartment living, people who share a space, families with kids, and senior citizens. On the other hand, Balinese cats are suitable for all people except senior citizens because they need frequent exercise and high maintenance.


In reality, the coat of a Birman cat is straightforward to care for compared to Balinese cats. Due to the lack of an undercoat, you don’t have to brush your Birman cat frequently. Once a week will be enough to resist any matting.

On the other hand, you will need to take care of your Balinese cat’s coat properly by brushing it twice or thrice a week. Besides, both need nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing occasionally.

All these are very easy to do once you know the right way. With that said, it is also essential to keep their energy level low by exercising them properly for at least 30-60 minutes daily. You can offer a lot of interacting toys or scratching post-enrichment ideas to keep your cat stimulated and entertained.

First, purchase suitable dishes for food and water because both should have 24 hours of access to food and water. Make sure you acquire a cat bed for both of your breeds. However, get the scratch-proof one because a Balinese cat is likely to tear it apart. 


If you consider welcoming any of these to breed into your home, ensure you know how much they cost first. There are certain cases where you could be fortunate enough to get either of these breeds for free, but you will need to spend money in most cases.

When you adopt a Birman cat from A breeder, be ready to pay at least $800 to $1500 straight. On the other hand, Balinese cats are less expensive than Birman cats. You can quickly get a Balinese cat for less than a thousand dollars. Most of the Balinese cat breeds start with a $200 price tag.

Make sure you are not adopting a cat from a person who does wrong breeding practices. Stay calm for a lower price; instead, ask if there is any health checkup clearance for the kittens shown to you. The initial supply and setup for both breeds will likely differ.

When it comes to having a Birman cat, you will have to spend on various stores. The first thing you will be spending for a Birman cat is a pet license which may cost you up to $50.

Other than this, they are likely to be available in other countries to be ready to pay the shipping cost, which may vary depending on your location and breeder reputation. The cost of neutering a Birman cat is high, up to $500, compared to neutering a Balinese cat at a price tag of less than $150.


Knowing all this information lets you know which breed to go for. If you are busy most of the time, avoid adopting a Birman cat. Apart from this, they are expensive compared to Balinese cats. A Birman cat’s cost of ownership and care is much more than a Balinese cat’s.

I tried to give you all the information about Birman vs. Balinese cats. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it. This will help many people choose the right breed from these kitties. Do check our other articles on Birman cat care. Till then, take care and goodbye.

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