Are Birman Cats Rare

We all know what a Birman cat is. They are popular ones who look beautiful and fluffy because of their long hair coats and mesmerizing Blue Eyes. In addition, we know that the Birman cat nearly became extinct during World War 2. Therefore, it is common to ask the question: are Birman cats rare?

If they are, what is it that makes them so unique and special? Furthermore, we will learn about the variety of Birman cats and why they are so popular. But let’s first find out, are Birman cats rare? 

Are Birman Cats Rare?  

Fortunately, Birman cats are not rare, even though they were almost extinct during World War 2. Birman cats are one of the most popular and common cat breeds all over the world as pets. They are neither a new nor rare breed by any means, thanks to the breeder.

However, you might have to research and spend some time looking for a Birman cat who needs adoption. Some varieties of Birman cats are scarce and also expensive.

On the other hand, Birman cat care and maintenance is also a big problem for many cat enthusiasts because of the cost of ownership and the need for more information on this breed. 

Let’s find out how common Birman cats are.

How Common Are Birman cats?

Nowadays, Birman cats are ubiquitous worldwide, thanks to breeders. But Birman cats nearly became extinct during World War 2. It was the time when the Cat Fanciers Association also stopped breeding this breed. There was also a time when only one breeding pair of Birman cats was left all over the country.

Why Are Birman Cats So Popular?

  • Birman Cats Are Loyal Family Members

If you are looking for a loyal family member, then a Birman cat is the one for you. They always look to build and develop a unique and strong bond with their loved ones or people who care for them. Birman cats seek out their loved ones and accompany them around the house anytime.

If you notice your Birman cat trailing around you from room to room, it’s not unusual behavior. Birman cats can also express their feeling and appreciation to their loved ones through their body language and sound. It’s not uncommon to notice a Birman cat waiting at the doorstep and greeting its owner for some time.

  • Birman Cats Are Perfect Lap Cats

If you are looking for a cuddly, sweet, and laid-back tempered cat, a Birman cat is the one. Birman cats prefer to sit on their loved ones’ laps without hesitating.

She will never hesitate to laze on you for hours while you watch TV or read books. It is also common for a Birman cat to knead on you while expressing how she feels around you.

  • Birman Cats Have Sweet Personality

Because your Birman cat has such a loving and sweet personality, they’re relatively very popular as pets. Due to their family-friendly nature and intelligence level, many family people are opening their hearts and home to this breed. They are not overly aggressive and usually get along with little ones. 

Therefore they are one of the best cat breeds to have with kids. Birman cats are a docile, shy, and loving cat breed who loves to cuddle and stay by your side. Even though they are low-maintenance cat breeds, fulfilling their exercise needs is necessary. With pent-up energy, any case can be very destructive in your absence or without supervision. 

For people who are looking for affection, the Birman cat will always look to sit on your lap for hours while being quiet and calm in your apartment. They will never hesitate to perform in any outdoor activity or entertain your family members with their big eyes & humorous expressions.

  • Birman Cats Have Fluffy And Not Matting Coat

Thanks to nature, the Birman cat is blessed with a long, soft, and lengthy coat that is fluffy and a delight to run your hand over. When keeping a dog, long hair comes with a cost. Fortunately, a Birman cat coat doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

A quick weekly once or twice will do the work while preventing knots and matting. Make sure always to use a shampoo and conditioner that has been specially formulated and designed for cats to keep your kitties’ coats in top condition. 

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  • Birman Cats Are Photogenic. 

If you are a selfie addict, then this is the breed for you. Birman cats are also a photogenic breed that will always add a touch of color to lift your mood and pictures. Birman cats are overly and tremendously photogenic regardless of location or weather. You can always expect your photo to turn out great with a Birman cat.

  • Birman Cats Are Super Smart

 If you think cats cannot be trained, then you are wrong. BIRMAN cats are known to be more intelligent than most other feline breeds. You can also make your Birman cat learn to perform tricks for you, like play fetch or come when called.

They’re also trainable to walk on a leash, just like dogs. In addition, Birman cats are also brilliant and will never hesitate to ask for food with their sweet meows, incredibly when hungry. When your cat needs to get out of the room, she will repeatedly make a sound to let you know.

When a Birman cat needs attention, she will often sit right in front of you or beside you without caring about restriction or access to any of your belongings. They’re so bright that they even know how to communicate in a way humans can somehow understand. With all this information, you know why people are so sought after this breed.

  • Birman Cats Are Quiet Cats

Another great feature of a Birman cat is they are not very vocal. This breed is for you if you share spaces in a PG or live in an apartment. Before having a pet, a cat’s noise should be considered a significant consideration, especially for those living in a PG or apartment.

Birman cats are the ones who will always make their presence known to you without making noise or a din. Even though Birman cats vocalize sometimes, they usually do to ask for food or in case of emergency only.

Cats like Siamese cats chatter a lot when they get excited. But in the case of Birman cat, she will rarely meow. It isn’t a surprise if your long-time neighbor doesn’t even realize you have had a cat for months.

Being a responsible cat keeper, you must always check for signs if your Birman cat needs help. The only downside of having a quiet cat is that she will not make a sound when she’s in pain or distress in most cases.

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  • Birman Cats Are Extremely Gentle

You’re mistaken if you think Birman cats are not very gentle. Birman cats never extend their claws even though you frightened them. They are a forgiving breed with a delicate nature. One should never be afraid of this cat because of its laid-back personality. They are always as sweet and calm as their little voices. 

  1. Birman Cats Have Doll-Like Faces

Birman cats are viral for their round faces, even though they need proper care in hot weather. This breed can have a possible health problem as well.

Birman cats are famous for their doll-faced features that some people like and prefer. With medium-sized ears and a Roman nose, they look adorable. Their faces look extremely attractive because of their broad skull and triangular head.

  • Birman Cats Love Kids

 If your kids are at your home, this is a great pet breed. Being kind and gentle-natured, the Birman cat is exceptionally significant for kids. They are a perfect family cat breed that will never cause any harm to your kids and even babies.

They are the ones who will quickly get along with your kids’ whims and fancies while joining them in their playtime and tea time parties. A Birman cat will never hesitate to join your kids in with dress-up games.

On top of that, Birman cat will also make your kids learn responsibility, respect, and how to be patience. Of course, you will need to set some groundwork & ruke to build a healthy and good relationship between your kids and a Birman cat. Before you let your kids handle a cat, teach them how to take a pet gently.

  • Birman Cats Get Along Well With Dogs

If you are thinking of having a cat but are worried about your existing dog, then don’t be concerned. Birman cats get along with dogs reasonably well. They can acclimate and learn to live alongside a dog if introduced and appropriately trained.

Early socialization and proper training are mandatory to keep a Birman cat and a dog together under the same roof. Fortunately, any cat-friendly dog would be suitable for a Birman cat.

Some dog breeds that fall into a cat-friendly category are pug, beagle, border collie, labrador retriever, bulldog, Irish wolfhound, and more. Some dogs are known to be amiable. If you are very keen to witness a cat-dog relationship, then it is recommended to adopt one from a lap dog group. 


I have tried my best to give you all the information regarding the question: are Birman cats rare? Even though Burman cats were almost extinct during World war and the Cat Fancier Association stopped breeding them, Birman cats made a heroine comeback.

Birman cats have been bred for their companionship and laid-back personality, forming a great bond with their loved ones and family members. Birman cats are intelligent, highly trainable, and don’t hesitate to take a genuine interest in whatever is around them.

They are also timid, playful, and curious as kittens who require plenty of attention and mental stimulation. A Birman cat can be raised into a well-mannered, sensitive family member with proper care. I hope you liked this article.

If so, consider sharing it. Your one share will help many people learn about the popularity of this breed and what makes them so unique. Check our other article on Birman cat care; till then, take care and goodbye.

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