Are Birman Cats Indoor Cats

Whether you share space with someone or live in an apartment, you need to consider many factors if you are thinking of getting a cat. Getting an indoor cat will be better than having a companion without letting your neighbors know you keep a pet.

Therefore in this article, I will answer a fascinating question on a unique breed: are Birman cats indoor cats? This question prompted me while doing some research on indoor cats.

As I live in an apartment, I came up with some good reasons why Birman cats are good indoor cats and suitable for people looking for quiet feline companions. Let’s first find out, are Birman cats indoor cats? 

Are Birman Cats Indoor Cats?

Birman cats are excellent indoor cats with loving, affectionate, amiable, shy, and laid-back personalities. Birman cats always prefer laying on their loved ones or in their favorite spots for hours.

It is essential to keep your Birman cat on the best nourishment and exercise possible to keep them healthy and happy for a lifetime. Having said that, if you have a backyard, you should occasionally let your cat wander around.

Allowing your Birman cat to spend quality time in the outside world will promote many physical exercise benefits and mental stimulation, which I will explain later in this post. Let’s find out five reasons why Birman cats are excellent indoor cats.

5 Reasons Why Birmans Are Perfect Indoor Cats

  • Birman Cats Are Furniture-Friendly

As I have done extensive research on this breed, after reading through forums and sites about the damages made by Birman cats, I learned that they are pretty well with the furniture.

There is no doubt that Birman cats can be considered a furniture-friendly breed that can be left alone in any small apartment. After discovering that a quality scratching post will keep a Birman cat engaged with her claws instead of on your furniture, I was relieved.

A Birman cat is an intelligent and innovative breed that will quickly learn about practicing scratching on mats and scratching posts.

  • Birman Cats Are Medium Activity Levels

When it comes to having an indoor cat, you will always want to look at one with a low to medium activity level. She can be very destructive in your absence if you get a highly energetic cat breed. Therefore a Birman cat is suitable for indoor living conditions.

When you get this breed, you don’t have to worry about her energy levels and activity requirements. They are a medium-level energetic breed who is jumpy and playful only during kittenhood.

Plus, you don’t have to expect this too long as Birman cats get tired of doing repeated things for a very long time. She will instead choose to lie down at her favorite spot rather than spend time doing repetitive activities.

  • Birman Cats Are Good With Kids And Dogs

In most cases, family people with dogs also look to adopt a cat. This is a big issue because not all cats can withstand dog companionship. However, a Birman cat is a patient pet who will quickly get along with your canine if the introduction is done correctly.

With Birman cats, you can make them great companions to your canine friend. However, before adopting any, check out our guide, Can Birman cats get along with dogs? We have discussed everything in detail regarding the Birman cat and canine relationship.


  • Birman Cats Can Be Left Alone

When you are looking for an indoor cat But have a hectic long busy schedule during the daytime, you need an indoor cat that is ok with being alone. As most cats are prone to depression when left alone for more than 4-6 hours on their own, it can be pretty tricky to find a breed on their own.

Fortunately, Birman cats do reasonably well without their owner or loved ones. They can easily handle long periods of being alone if there is a toy or anything to stimulate their mental stimulation. Therefore, leaving a Birman cat alone for a day will not affect his health or mental state.

Always remember that we are talking about days, not weeks. Even the Birman cats can live alone for many days; they need the excellent companionship of another animal or person.

  • Birman Cats Are Easy To Groom

When you think of owning an indoor cat, you always want one that offers an easy-to-clean and grooming routine. The Birman cat is a low-maintenance breed that requires weekly brushing only to keep her coat looking sane and beautiful.

You don’t have to do much to keep her skin in top-notch condition. A Birman cat’s long coat has a silky texture that prevents knotting and mating. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about shedding.

A Birman cat will shed In shedding season, but you can avoid any mess with proper care and maintenance. It is essential always to clean your cat’s nose and ears once in a while. A routine checkup of their ear, nose, and teeth condition will take a few minutes, a little time.

Can A Birman Cat Go Outside?

Even though Birman cats are timid, skittish, and fearful, they can go outside under supervision. It’s worth noting that they are an easy target for Predators. Make sure you are keeping a close eye while your cat enjoys going outside from time to time.

You can do many physical outdoor activities with your Kitty to save her and yourself entertained and not worry much about escape or Predator.

Later, we will take a quick look at some tips on bringing Birman cats outdoors. But before that, here are three reasons you should not keep a Birman cat outdoors for too long. 

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3 Reasons Why Not Keep A Birman Cat Outdoor Too Long?

  • Birman Cats Are Easy Targets For Thieves.

Birman cats are also one of the most expensive and unique breeds in this modern world. Cat experts and enthusiasts only take a little to recognize a Birman cat with its attractive look and distinctive, unique personality.

Therefore Birman cats are easy targets for thieves because they are silent, submissive, and quiet breeds. Leaving your cat without supervision does not even make you notice that they are already catnapped. Therefore always keep an eye on your cat outdoors to outrun the risk of getting stolen by an evil person.

  • Birman Cats Are Susceptible To Respiratory Issues.

Birman cats are prone to respiratory issues, so it is highly advised to keep their maximum indoor time. Most Roman-like short-nosed cats with flat faces suffer from respiratory problems as they age.

The unique broad shape of their head causes their nostril to be narrow and treacherous, slightly resulting in labored breathing. Therefore, if you keep your cat outside for a very long time, she will be exposed to breathing problems and nasal obstructions.

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  • Birman Cats Are An Easy Target For Predators.

Birman Cats are very fearful, skittish, and shy; they are at very high risk of being hunted by dogs or cats in the same neighborhood. Birman cats are an easy target for predators. There is also a risk of getting run over by vehicles while roaming around and getting lost.

Because your Birman cat has a docile, kind, and gentle temperament, it will only be fair to leave them out with supervision. It is always recommended to keep them indoors, warm and cozy inside your home rather than leaving them wandering outside.

How To Bring Your Birman Cats Outdoor Safely?

If you are one of those cat owners who feel guilty for not allowing your Kitty to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and other perks of being outside, don’t be so. Here I am going to give some advice on how to get a Birman cat outdoors with precautions safely.

Even though Birman cats are not great for keeping outdoors, you can still bring them to see nature and the big wide outside. You can always take your Birman cat outside with precaution and take a stress-free stroll. Below are five tips to bring a Birman cat outdoors while keeping them safe from danger.

1. Get Your Cat Proper Identification.

It is always a good idea to put an identification tag on your Birman cat before bringing it to the outdoor world. If your cat gets lost, people finding it can return her home using the identification tag.

If you want to keep your cat from wandering too far or getting lost, always purchase a trackable and reliable identification tag so that this won’t ever happen.

2. Keep Your Cat Vaccinated!

Vaccinating your Birman cat is crucial to rule out any potential elements that may affect your cat outdoors. As long as your Birman cat is up to date with its vaccine, your Kitty is unlikely to get into contact with something harmful outside and react to it.

But, if your cat is not vaccinated, bring it to keep them well protected before exposing them to the outside world.

3. Brush Them Once You’re Back!

Once you are back with your cat, it is good to brush her coat for a couple of minutes to remove any tangles or mats if formed. If you avoid touching your cat coat after you get home, it can accumulate the traps and be more challenging to get rid of. Tangle Accumulation risk is much higher in outdoor cats than indoor cats.

4. Allow Them to Wander In Your Fenced Yard! 

Rather than walking your cat on roads, you can create a cat-friendly backyard for your Birman cat. Birman cats are not very high jumpers, so any medium-height fence should be able to keep your Kitty in. But, the walls of your backyard are high enough to keep your cat content and prevent any escape.

It is also essential to ensure Birman cats are never Jumping on your neighborhood property. It is always advised to keep your Birman cat in a pet carrier or safe enclosure when bringing her to your backyard.

5. Put A Stroller.

In some cases, Birman cats never like to walk on a leash. Instead, you can put her in a stroller to get them outside. Never think of walking your Birman cat on the ground, as their coat can quickly get entangled and exposed to dirt.

If your cat gets dirty outside, ensure you bathe her using a pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner for only a few minutes. Bathing shouldn’t be repeated more than once a month also.


With Birman cat, you can never go wrong if you are looking for an indoor cat. A Birman cat makes great companionship and is an incredible addition to your family, especially if you have kids. They always entertain and make your family members smile with their laidback, funny personalities.

The Birman cat is always keen to create you when you come home after a long busy day at work. The cuteness of Birman cats’ hairballs will always make you smile and make your busy day worth it.

I hope I have given you all the information regarding the question: are Birman cats indoor cats? And if yes, why so? Consider sharing this article, as your share will help many people learn why they shouldn’t bring this cat outdoors without precautions. Check out our other article on Birman cat care; till then, take care and could buy.

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