Are Birman Cats Good With Dogs

Regarding having a pet, dog people and cat people are often ones and the same. Many people are ready to open their hearts and home to more than one pet animal. But if you already have a Birman cat, is it good to have a dog in the mix? In this article, I will answer the fascinating question: are Birman cats good with dogs? Read on, as the answer may surprise you.

Are Birman Cats Good With Dogs? 

No doubt Birman cats are the perfect breed for all types of homes. They are very social and amiable and like to get along with people, kids, and other pets. Hence Birman cats are good with dogs if raised alongside and cared for properly. Birman cats have similar temperaments and traits to dogs and are great with them. 

Early socialization and proper training will be mandatory to raise a well-mannered cat and dog together in the same home.

Even though the Birman cat is different from dogs, they have a lot in common regarding being a pet. Thus it leads to a beautiful cat-dog relationship and friendship. So, please continue reading to learn more about Birman cats and their relationship with canines.

Why Do Birmans Get Along With Dogs?

There can be many reasons Birman cats get along so well with dogs, but here we will look at the most important ones. For decades, it has been commonly thought that dogs and cats are natural but bitter enemies. However, that reality is far from the truth. 

When you do a quick Google search, it gives thousands of cat and dog pictures cuddling together or one another. Thus, cats usually like getting along with canine siblings, primarily if they have been raised alongside. Below I will highlight why Birman cats get along with dogs better than other cat breeds.

Birman Cats Get Along With Everyone 

As Birman cats are very friendly, affectionate, and social in terms of temperament, they appreciate and enjoy making new friends. They typically enjoy human companionship above all the rest, but this kitty will never hesitate if there is another pet or love to go around. 

Birman cats befriend everyone, including kids, family members, strangers, other cats, and dogs. Even though Birman cats are considered skittish, shy, and fearful, if raised well, they can be very friendly with new people visiting their homes.

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Birman Cats Have A Perfect Personality.

The Birman cat has the right personality when keeping a cat with the dog. Birman cats are already a very calm and laid-back breed. While being outgoing and ready for any activities, they are perfect for dogs. Birman cats are not overly territorial or aggressive, meaning they will not pounce on canines who overstep their boundaries.

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Birman Cats Often Act Like Dogs.

Sometimes, Birman cats also act like dogs, and few people call them puppy cats. As a kitten, Birman’s cat trait is similar to dogs. Birman cats are intelligent cats that can learn to perform tricks and fetch. Birman cats are loyal to their owners and family members, just like dogs. Hence if this cat adores you, you will know it.

Birman Cats Are Sturdy Felines.

It would be best always to have a sturdy cat when keeping one with the dog. With that said, the Birman cat is a perfect companion for any dog because of their sturdiness.

These cats can quickly get along with canines because they know how to stand up to dogs. With a strong body and large frame, a Birman cat is perfect for dogs’ rough playing sessions.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Birman Cat And A Dog

Adopting any cat is always a big decision and responsibility. Therefore, it is a must always to find out what to expect when having a mix of dogs and Birman cats. Hence below, we will find out the pros and cons of keeping a Birman Cat with a dog.


Pets Are Good For Health.

Many researchers and studies have shown that having a pet makes you happier than having none. In addition, researchers claim that people with pets tend to live longer than nonpet owners. So, having multiple pets is always beneficial for your emotional and physical health. 

In addition to this, having a Birman Cat with a dog will make you spend more time being active. There are many health benefits of keeping a multiple that, like it, lower the risks of depression and anxiety. Since cats and dogs are always there waiting for you and giving you all the love you need, you will never feel alone or depressed.

Multiple Pets Help You & Each Other Stay Active.

Having a cat with a dog will always keep both of them active. In addition to that, they will also keep you busy. If your Birman cat gets along with a dog successfully, they will love to cuddle, play, and relax with or beside each other while sharing their toys. 

Apart from this, they will also enjoy lots of mental stimulation and friendship from one another. Having more than one Pet is a bonus if you tend to be busy or have a busy schedule.

Kids ‘Love & Thrive In’ Multi-pet Homes.

Kids love living in a multi-pet home. Adopting a cat and dog together is the way to go if you have children. Having multiple animals keeps your children engaged and entertained and teaches responsibility. 

Your children will also learn about the different needs of each type of Pet while enjoying moments and building memories. Plus, all your household pets will likely provide your kids with the best companionship and unconditional love.


More Than 1 Pet Can Take Up A Lot Of Your Time.

Sometimes, having more than one Pet can take up much of your time. The more type of animal species you have, the more you will need to spend time on their care, feeding routine, and playtime. Always know that each Pet needs its attention and time. In addition, you will also have to do more cleaning if multiple pets are there.

Both May Fight, Conflict, Pounce, or Show Aggression.

This is something that you might have realized in the first place when you first thought of having cats and dogs together. A Birman cat and a dog may also fight from time to time, and it’s 100% true.

As both species are different and have different ways of communicating using their foreign body language to show how they feel, they can easily miss the hint, which may result in an aggressive reaction.

Keeping Multiple Pets Is More Expensive.

Having more than one Pet is always more expensive and puts a financial burden on you. You will need to invest more in vet trips, food, toys, supplements, and supplies by having both a cat and a dog.

Therefore before adopting any pet of a similar or different species, you should consider the cost of ownership, care, and maintenance.

Introducing Your Birman To A Dog

If you think the pros outweigh the cons of having both pets, you must learn how to introduce them safely and correctly. It is essential to be careful with care. If done incorrectly, you could end up hurting their bond forever.

  1. Firstly, you must get both your pets under the same roof but separately for a while. 
  2. After a few days pass by, you should get both of your animals in separate rooms. Choose a space where both animals can still sense each other’s presents but can’t see each other. Both your pets should be able to hear and smell The other pets’ presence. 
  3. Again after a few days, you should start introducing your animals to one another at a distance. The best way will be to feed both of them on opposite sides of the door. 
  4. Once you notice both your pets becoming acclimated to each other’s smell, sound, and presence while eating their meal, you can let them see each other for a short time. Please ensure both are on their leash and don’t get direct interaction. 
  5. In most cases, dogs become overly excited when meeting a cat for the first time, which might frighten your kittie. Hold a treat or your dog’s favorite toy to avoid making the cat the center of your dog’s attention. 
  6. Continue this for a week or more until you find both pets get used to their smell without being too overwhelming. If your Pet seems to be comfortable with one another, prepare for a face-to-face meeting. 
  7. Make sure you do the face-to-face meeting separately from their designated space. Letting them meet face-to-face in their designated area may result in territorial aggression. 

Depending on your animal’s personality, it can take weeks or even months to be comfortable with each other’s presence. Always keep an eye on both of your animals until you are confident they will not fight and will get along.

Tips For Introducing A Birman Cat & Dog

Below I am giving you some tips and guidelines for introducing any dog to Birman cats.

  1. Never be in a hurry when introducing a dog to a Birman cat. 
  2. Always offer a treat or praise for positive behavior to each of your pets. 
  3. Only shout at your animals, as getting them along can take months. 
  4. Always keep a close eye on both pets for the first several weeks since anything can go wrong. 
  5. Provide plenty and variety of toys to each of your pets. Leave both pets alone for a maximum of a couple of days. 
  6. Always give your pets the same amount of devotion, attention, time, and love equally. 
  7. Always exercise both your pets before leaving them alone because they can be very destructive with pent-up energy.

7 Best Dog Breeds For A Birman Cats Home

Like any other cat, different breeds of dogs also have distinct personality traits. Therefore it is also essential to consider the dog’s characteristics before adopting and keeping them with a Birman cat. Since there are so many options, I recommend you first look at a different breed group of dogs. 

You should always avoid adopting a breed from the terrier group as they tend to carry an Instinct to hunt critters and chase other animals.

Besides this, the hunting dog group likes to round up everyone, including cats. Even though you will find many pictures of dogs from these groups being together with cats, training them not to antagonize your cat is extremely tough because their instinct remains. 

Dogs from sporting groups are better because they make great friends with almost all animals. I like dogs from the toy group when it comes to keeping canines with a cat.

Any toy group dog will choose to curl up and cuddle with your Birman cat rather than chase it. Below I have given you some great dog breeds to keep in your home with a Birman car.

  1. Beagle: Even though beagles are from a hound group, they will look at your Birman cat as a friend with love, not as prey.
  2. Golden Retriever: A golden retriever will always remain a happy-go-lucky sporting dog to keep with any animal, including the Birman cat.
  3. Labrador Retriever: Another retriever with a similar laid-back personality, just like a Birman cat.
  4. Pug: Pugs are attractive toy dog who is a perfect breed for a Birman cat companionship.
  5. Irish Wolfhound: Although they are considered gentle giants, they are susceptible and will always feel what a Birman cat needs.


Because Birman cats are very friendly, they can quickly get along with dogs from sporting or toy groups. With a beautiful personality, I recommend choosing a dog that shares Birman cat’s temperamental traits. It may take your cat up to 4 weeks or even months to acclimate with a dog under the same roof.

I have tried my best to give you all the information needed on the question: do Birman cats get along with dogs? If you like this article, then consider sharing it. Your one share will help many people get aware of what type of bond a Birman cat can communicate with a dog.

It will also make many people realize the benefit of keeping a Birman Cat with the dog, especially from a sporting and toy group. As Birman cats are shy and fearful, people must avoid adopting dogs from a herding group, hound group, or terrier group. Check out other helpful guides on Birman cat care; till then, take care and goodbye.

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