Birman Cat Pros And Cons

Even though their origin is unknown, the Birman cat is one of the most famous cats in the world. They come with a round face, broad skull, long fluffy coat with a silky texture, and mesmerizing blue eyes. All these features are the reason why people are sought after this bread.

Plus, they’re getting trendy among families with kids. Many people are willing to open their hearts and homes to these breeds. This post will tell me some interesting facts about Birman cats. Therefore, read on if you are here to learn Birman cat pros and cons.

8 Birman Cat Pros And Cons

5 Birman Cat Pros


Does Birman come in many different color variations? Not only do they have a beautiful coats but also mesmerizing blue almond-shaped eyes. The large pointed ears on their broad skull with round faces make them look elegant. They are also said to be sacred cats of Burma. Anyone can get astounded by seeing this breed at first glance. There are three major types of Birman cats’ point colors.

Seal point. A seal point Birman cat will feature a pale fawn to a cream-colored body. Some may also have dark issues in brown color.

Blue Point. Perhaps, this is the most popular color variation of Birman cats due to their pale body and excellent grey-blue points.

Lilac Point. This is the second most popular Birman cat color. This breed has a slightly warm grey textured point on its lighter Blue Point pale body color.

After knowing the three major types of Birman cat colors, you should know about their personality. Talking about temperament, almost all of them have similar traits but different color variations.

Darker color points on a light body background featured on cats’ ears, tails, legs, and snouts are called pointed cats. After knowing why they look so beautiful, let’s look at some outstanding personalities of this breed.


You may have met a Birman cat, but I like them. I find them very playful and affectionate. Even though I have heard Birman cats are timid and fearful and don’t like to be handled or approached by strangers, my experience was different. With proper training, you can raise a well-mannered cat breed who will always appreciate visitors and friends in their home.

Another great advantage of having a Birman cat is they are like puppy cats who can even be trained to perform tricks for you. They can learn to fetch and play dead also. According to some people, Birman cats are also more like dogs than cats due to their unique personalities.

I have encountered three blue points Birman cats, and they all took great interest in interacting and greeting me. Do you know Birman cats also love always being by their owner’s side and following them from room to room? A Birman cat likes to feel involved in whatever you are doing.

Whether you are cooking, reading, or watching TV, she will never hesitate to pounce on you for a cuddle. Hence, only get a Birman cat if you are at home most of the time. A Birman cat needs frequent attention and interaction from their human companion. Birman cats are people’s pleasure who can quickly feel depressed or separation anxiety if left alone on their own for an extended amount of time.

If you have kids at your home, this is the breed you should get to teach them responsibility. A Birman cat will always perform in your kid’s play activity, no matter what it is. Nowadays, Birman cats are said to be best for little ones.


Fortunately, a Birman cat comes with a good life span. If you want long-term companionship with an animal or cat, this Is the Breed for you. With proper care, a high-quality diet, and occasional vet visits, a Birman cat always lives 15-16 years of her lifespan.

Although most Birman cats have an average life span of 15 years, some may even live more than 20 years if cared for properly or comes from a very healthy bloodline. When you adopt any kitten, you must check the breeder’s background. It would help if you never adopted a cat from a puppy mill.

A reputable breeder will always look forward to hearing your needs and what you are looking for before forcing you to adopt any breed. In addition, a reputable breeder also offers health clearance paper and health insurance on their species. Once again, getting this cat may be the best decision if you have children in your home.

Ease of grooming

Birman Cats come with long hair coats, not prone to mating or shedding. Birman cat’s hair has a silky texture, so you won’t have to worry about it getting tangled.

However, it would help if you still brushed your Birman cat coat once in a while using the right brush. A good quality slicker brush will suit your Birman cat’s needs when brushinh them weekly. But, when it comes to shedding, you must purchase a good quality de-shedding tool to help them shed their loose undercoat.

To keep your cat coat looking sane, there needs to be more than a slicker brush in the hottest summer month or the setting season. Birman cats shed their fur at a low level if kept on proper grooming and good nutrition. If you have allergies to pets, a Birman cat is one of the best breeds that carry fewer allergens than their counterpart breeds.

Additionally, if you find any complex tangle acclimated on your cat’s skin or attached to its skin, you should use a good quality de-matting tool to cut through.

Apart from this, ear and nose cleaning is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Overall this is a great breed that is low maintenance and doesn’t need much effort to look good.

Less Talkative

This is the breed for you if you live in an apartment or share space. A Birman cat is very silent, and chances are you will not even know you have a cat until you see it. Birman cats don’t vocalize frequently compared to their counterparts.

If they need attention, they will instead do body movements and exhibit their emotion through body language than be talkative. However, I think that Birman cats are open to expressing their feelings.

They will meow and growl to greet you when you are back home or your cat is hungry, frustrated, angry, annoyed, scared, or seeking attention. Their voice is low-pitched, so they are almost silent at night. However, this is not a pro if you like talking to pets. If you are very talkative, this might not be your breed.

Birman Cat Cons


Even though Birman cats are low maintenance, they are pretty expensive to adopt and care for. Finding a Birman cat labeled free to a good home is tough. But if you find a reputable breeder, a Birman cat will cost you around $800 to $1500, depending upon the quality of the breed and your residential location.

Any premium origin or color Birman cat may cost between $1000 to $2500. Consult and make clear what you need with the breeder before adopting one to decide the type and color you want, according to your budget. Besides this, caring for them is also costly.

Birman cats are prone to specific health issues; you will need to visit your veterinarian occasionally for an occasional health checkup and testing on your feline. You will have to spend money on routine care for your Birman cat, like vaccinations, checkups, flea treatment, collar, bed, microchip, & toys. 


Although they are generally a healthy breed, a Birman can develop health issues related to their genetics or care. Sometimes, even proper care doesn’t do much. As Birman cats are prone to specific health issues and conditions, you need to be aware of what is a good diet, regular exercise, and annual checkups.

I highly recommend adopting a Birman cat from a reputable breeder who offers health insurance and guarantees over their kittens. In addition, it is essential to discuss what he had been feeding their cats, especially the mother kitty.

As Birman cats are susceptible to health issues like asthma, hip dysplasia, dental problems, allergies, and more, vet visits and to the vet for annual checkers are mandatory. With a glance at your Birman cat, you can never tell if they are 100% healthy from the inside.

This is why some people also take out insurance policies if they are particularly expensive or rare. Therefore, another cost adds up. This is why I recommend you take an insurance policy for your pet. As part of your loving family, you should never take their care for granted.

Need for Company

Do Birman cats not very significant and do well on their own if left unattended for hours? They are people pleasers, crave human attention, and look to make deep relationships with their loves. Birman cats always love following their loved ones from room to room & taking part in whatever you are doing.

They are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for more than 6 hours without company. It is always better to have various interactive toys that can keep your cat engaged and stimulated while you are away for a couple of hours. If you are planning to leave your cat for more than a day, I recommend hiring a pet sitter or finding a volunteer to look after your cat while you are away.

The best thing will be to have another pet in your home, so you don’t have to worry about your Birman cat getting along. It is better to have another feline but of the opposite gender to form relationships faster. When adopting a Birman cat, it is always best to assume in the first place.

A Birman cat tends to be very affectionate and will never hesitate to demand your engagement and care. Therefore it’s essential to also think about your capacity for Birman cat time and whether they are the best match for you.

In addition, Birman cats are a highly energetic and intelligent feline breed who can be destructive left alone with pent-up energy. Avoid leaving your Birman cat alone full of energy, or she will either be harmful or get bored, leading to separation and frustration.


According to my research and perspective, a Birman cat is the most suitable breed for a family with kids or people living in an apartment or sharing space. They could be better for people who stay most of the day outdoors.

They are a susceptible, shy, and fearful breed who need mental stimulation and company. Therefore, if you are considering adopting a Birman cat, adopt 2. Two kittens are better than having one. I highlighted the significant points on Birman cat’s pros and cons.

If you find the article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your one share will help many people learn about the Birman cats’ fantastic features. It will also spread awareness of why people should get this breed. Check our other Birman cat care article; take care and goodbye. 

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